Webtex is it realy that bad?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. if you are in the acf or a job where you are hardly in the field then whats wrong with webtex, and isn't it getting better?
  2. Last i heard they were going bust. In general, if it's going to see any serious use, then don't bother. If it's hardly going to be used in the field, what's wrong with the issue stuff?
  3. indeed, the issue stuff is cheaper than webtex and better quality. that is why webtex makes no sense to me.

    i think ACF bods just like new, shiny things.

    the only Webtex I buy are the bits that you can't get issued. Notepad covers, etc.
  4. apparently, the issue machetes are going from the old contractor over to the web-tex copies. and seeing as the origional I used had a wobbly handle from stock.....

    as a civi with an interest in using millitary kit (so basically a cadet) I found that web-tex was generally ok quality, although I prefered to get issue stuff if I could (better built, and as it was normally second hand, cheaper too)
    but obviously, I wasn't using it for anything like the kind of conditions a soldier would, and didn't need to worry about infa-red either.
  5. Yeah, it's that bad. Some say the quality is improving, but I can't see any improvement when I take a look at the expensive horrors some of my cadets pitch up in.

    I think the Firm/brand is being taken over by KOMBAT UK. If you have seen the windproof(Yeah right!)smock they have just designed its a case of a superb design, with lot's of well thought out features but produced out of sub standard materials. Improve the quality of the material and they could do well.

    But KOMBAT are sadly, a bunch of cünts...

  6. I don't think Kombat UK have anything to do with Webtex. The products are just the same, and the same materials.

    Why? Because whether you write Webtex, Viper, Kombat UK or a load of other things on it, it's all the same shite made in poor countries.

    For cadet purposes, and cadet-like budgets, issue kit covers all ground and it's much easier to get replaced if you break it.
  7. Viper now that realy is shite.
  8. I sell used and new kit and all I can say, buy the issued kit, it's guarenteed to meet our requirements of things like durability, IRR, comfort (???), basically it does the job.

    Have seen some excellent kit from other NATO countries however as well which is slightly better :)
  9. Slightly better than Webtex, but it's the difference between shit and shite really.
  10. Same importers http://www.thatchreed.co.uk/
  11. In my humble opinion I believe that both Web-Tex and Viper has improved massively over the past 3 years, especially the buckles, that used to be the main problem with them. I would always look at Vanguard, Rangemaster, Jay Jays etc when looking for webbing but for cadets on a budget Web-Tex will fit the bill and Viper are used quite a lot by the UK Emergency Services. Kombat UK should be banned from trading completly, if they knowingly sold dodgy body armour they should never be allowed to trade again!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. but issued PLCE webbing is cheaper to buy than Web-Tex!!!
  13. and about a billion times better to boot!
  14. I was under the impression web-tex was cheaper.
    I just checked, and was wrong. about the only advantage I can now find with web-tex is that with some issue stuff you might have availability issues with the more popular, or more unusuall stuff. for example I've never seen anything issue that's like their trauma pouch on sale.