Websites probed over Baby P posts...Oops!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nebapneb, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. BBC News

    see its not just us who are outraged
    we've just got the best bus
  2. The lodger's name was in The Times yesterday. Which led to much discussion on this messageboard about pop stars. Go figure......

  3. This is very true how people feel "In the tragic case of Baby P, these conversations mirror those that are currently taking place everywhere, from the House of Commons to the man on the street .
  4. Glass house and stones comes to mind

    Name and shame Linky
    No sympathy

  5. I've had about 10 text messages naming them all and where they actually live. They'll have to probe a lot of mobile phones as well then.
  6. I would hope her unborn child is taken away from her immediately, and then her womb and ovaries are ripped out so the kunt can never have children again. Sadly my highest hope for any really justice lie with the inmates that might get the chance to do these three animals some serious damage.
  7. well fcuck me!
    didn't realise the beeb had dropped a bollock on this
    so therefore its already in the public domain
    and the court injunction is closing the stable door after the horse has brutally tortured & murdered a 17month old child
  8. I'm confused of why convicted killers (but not convicted of murder - also confused about this) have been granted anonymity??
  9. Not quite sure but is it because the verdict has not been decided and sentence dished out :?
  10. I'd be very concerned at the hundreds of thousands joining facebook groups to express their outrage.
  11. There's speculation that it might be because the mother and 'stepfather' are facing more charges. There were, IIRC, three other kids in the house (feck me! She's 25 and pregnant with her 6th kid having dropped No 5 in prison - how did she manage that?).

    Anonymity would stop them whingeing about not being able to get a fair trial.
  12. I'm so sick of all those chav outrage group's spewing self righteous sh1te while the people posting are smoking crack around thier snot nosed dirty malnourished offspring. :x :x :x
  13. How ironic if the actions of the pitchfork-wielding mob mean that they go unpunished.

    'I hate them evil child-killers so much that I am going to deliberately jeopardise the opportunity for them to face justice.' :roll:
  14. I ordered one of them Baby P commemorative watch (all proceeds to charridee) on teh interweb. I had to send it back when I got it because the hands were broken, the face was badly scratched and the back was snapped.
  15. They can't be convicted of murder as each blamed the other. Some loophole in the law, I believe.