Website with Grandad's military history

I am thinking of putting my grandfather's WWII history, photos, docs, recipes and so on (he was a RASC Master Baker, and some of the recipes are just bizarre) on a website, in order to make it available to a wider audience, but don't have the first clue how to start.

It's not fire and brimstone stuff, but some people may be interested.

Does anyone have any experience of doing a project like this? What software would work well, any idea of costs etc?

I'm Mac-based, if that makes a difference.
The simplest way is to create a blog. Most permit the creation of keywords for web-searches and most search-engines include blogs.


Blogging is simple, to create a website usually means paying for hosting and a domain name. This can be done for about 30 notes a year or less with websites in a box kits.

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