Website terrorism and threats to Gordon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shagnasty, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. It seems some of our dusky bretheren have been incarcerated for issuing website death threats against Gordon is an Organ and Blair was a Cnut.

    Purely in the interests of scientific research,you understand, what exactly is wrong with that? Freedom of speech gone by the board has it? Along with the freedom to say what you want against a particular individual?

    Does this mean that this website will be proscribed and members prosecuted for stating the bleeding obvious? We hate the gauletiers and control freaks who infest Parliament and that's a fact Jack!

    Here is my statement: Kill Gordon Brown and exterminate all of the Labour Party. Wipe out Parliament in total and bring back a Cromwell.

    I shall wait in expectation for the State Stasi Polizie to arrive kicking my door in. :roll:
  2. You wont take me alive copper!

  3. Being a Scot, my knowledge of the English Civil War is somewhat limited, but wasn't Cromwell a Parliamentarian?
  4. Very true my little Jockenese friend. But Cromwell was a know....just like Alex Salmon & Chips twice... Kill 'em all I say!!!
  5. *cough* Battle of Dunbar 1650 :wink:
  6. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    It is called the "English Civil War" because it was mostly fought on English soil. However most Jocks declared for the King. In fact a Scottish army was defeated at Preston, tried to retreat south to loyalist strongholds and was forced to surrender by Cromwell after a skirmish not far from Warrington. The Parish Church still has battle damage an the building that Cromwell lodged the night in is now a cracking Indian restraunt.

    But back on topic. I would suggest at least CBEs in the new years honours for these five enterprising young lads.
  7. How times change in democracyland, eh? Used to be that old sedition thing - you can call any politician or any party a rainbow of sheit, but woe betide you if you even hint that the whole "democracy" thang is nothing more than a plastic bin full of canteen slops. Today it is far more a case of "Here's a confidential number to call if you want to denounce anyone who thinks there is anything even slightly wrong with society." Beyond the wildest dreams of Oswald Moseley.
  8. And this time. "No more Mr Nice Guy"
  9. I reckon he gets more threats / agonising death wishes per day on Arrse than any other site. May his earholes turn to arrseholes and sh1t all over his shoulders.
  10. Well the Islamist nutters were plotting terrorism, on Arrse we merely wish to see him in the dock for treason, along with every other politician that voted for anything that wasn't in accordance with the treason act. All nice and legal and above board.

    Any members of the legal profession who have undermined the law of treason are also for the off.

    Gentlemen, despite the economic downturn, now would be a very good time to invest in Gallows Manufacturing and Makers of Stout Rope.

    The writings on the wall for our political and legal class, unfortunately, they are so dense, they cannot see it.
  11. I agree with the above, politicians are all a bunch of monkeys regardless of party in my humble opinion.
  12. Can I pull the lever? I reckon I could pinion and drop half of them in less than 6 seconds each.
  13. Welcome to Brown's Britain :thumleft:

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