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Just caught this on the counter log. Someone's been having a quick pre-work google :)

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30th July 2007 08:59:19

30th July 2007 08:59:36

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30th July 2007 09:27:12
30th July 2007 09:28:21
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30th July 2007 09:29:55
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And, does this one mean they've made the terrorist threat real now??? :lol:

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30th July 2007 09:47:32
30th July 2007 09:48:52
30th July 2007 09:50:16
Trying to keep up with the guestbook and comment onto any posts slagging the locals "in general". A few seem to have taken exception along "we're not all like that" lines.

Can anyone else visiting keep an eye as well please?

Easiest way to comment (and make sure it goes on the right post) is to write the comment in notepad, click the comment button (green arrow UNDERNEATH the post) and paste the comment. If you try to type it in direct, the GB software sometimes outs it on the wrong post if someoen else posts while you're typing.

admin password for edits / deletes is


Thanks :)
Agreed Fluffy - "Very many Ashtead residents support the application, please don't tar them all with the same brush" stylee.
just spotted small typo on new page "We're, obviously delighted by the decision and would like to thnk everyone who's helped make it happen."
FB, trying to get a fresh page through without the paypal now, but mail server seems to be on strike along with the postmen!

Pies, thanks and I'll fix the missing comma and the missing "a" when I can. It's the keyboard, not me. Honest - a lot of the keys are sulking after the past couple of weeks!
Just been watching it myself.

I'll sort an update tomorrow if that's ok
New front-page up for the site now. Haven't changed much internally, but will get some extras done to try and divert from the campaigning element.

Don't want to do too much until SSAFA have decided what they'd like to use it for, but some ideas I've had are:

1)Publicising progress of the house itself
2)Direct donations / fundraising for the house
3)Encouraging / enabling local support
4)Giving an information point for people who may need the facility
5)Possibly a forum - small public area for general interest but mostly private for affected families who've used it (past and present )

Obviously any / all of the above would need SSAFA's agreement and co-operation, and most wouldn't apply till the house is up and running anyway. They may well decide to run the domain entirely themselves - that's their call. But it never hurts to throw ideas around, so any comments appreciated :)
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