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Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. This is the bit for the webteam and other technical electronic media issues
  2. Ok, sitrep so far. We have a working site which (I think) addresses each of their main objections. Have tried to keep the comments on our side good-natured - if you can make people smile they're fr more likely to agree with you.

    Nothing back yet from Simon Weston re using him as a background picture (as on the home page at the moment). I've sent his agent a link to that so they can see exactly what we mean and an assurance that it can be removed if they request. Normally I'd be inclined to go ahead if I don't get a definite "no" from them, but in this case i think we need a definate "yes" to avoid any possibility of hurting ourselves with row. Wouldn't want a YRF reaction from anyone else :evil:

    If we can't use Simon's photo, does anyone have access to any other pics of injured servicemen that they know are in the public domain? Can find lots of photos of Americans (and the average civvy probably wouldn't notice) but no sense setting ourselves up for some spotter to laugh at :)

    Quotes are still needed from residents letters for each of their objections. Apparently the MVDC site has them back up, but if anyone has any crackers in mind, please let me know. I'm on a 56k mobile connection and it's slowwwww to download at times!

    A_A should be testing the pages later on the real server to check broken links etc, and I'll tidy the HTML up if I get a chance later to try andget the fastest load times I can out of it.
  3. I am trying to get in touch with Fallschirmjager to see if we can use some of his herrick pics. will update you as soon as I can locate the bugger.
  4. Fabulous! He has some great stuff and let RFUK use some of his shots for the Remembrance videos.

    I will send spunky by end-of-day (I was just going to write EOD but thought it could get confused with the blowy-up stuff! :D ) all of the objections and rebuttals for the website.

    Additionally, I made contact with an ARRSEr who I know spent time at HC and asked if he'd be willing to write a personal dit about his time there and how having family support close-at-hand is essential for morale purposes and he's said he will. He wants a little guidance about what to include, so is there anything specific anyone can think of that he should include?
  5. I have some general Fd Hosp photos that could be used - I'll chuck a selection at you this evening.

    I am going to be away from Weds for a week (my OH is being admitted to Frimley for an op). I will have limited internet access.

    Just a note or two on the 'why isn't the accom on-site at HC/why not use Portakabins/hotels' objection:

    Be careful not to be too emphatic about accom being away from the clinical environment. Many NHS hospitals, and all MDHUs have accom on or near the hospital site. We know HC is a unique unit, but many readers won't make the distinction.

    HC is a listed building; however, the new ward accom is in Corimecs, is really very good and is on the listed site. Red Team will know this because that Twigg creature's speech has been widely reported. Frankly, Portakabins or Corimecs would be an improvement on the accom MoD provides at Selly Oak, which despite the efforts of my colleagues, still look like cells. MoD just won't spend on this issue, and this has already been mentioned in some objections. Also, if it's on-site, SSAFA can't run it because they don't have the contract, and I suspect they won't fund something they can't run themselves. Similarly, HC has its own social workers who already deal with families; SSAFA might be treading on toes.

    I'd suggest countering the argument by saying that the need is urgent, and there isn't time for a new build; that Portakabins on site would not provide the 'home from home' environment that is ideal; the same applies to hotels. Whilst it's deplorable that such a facility should have to be provided by charity, the current proposal is the best solution in the immediate term. Perhaps those who object could use their energy better by calling upon government to wake up to its responsibilities.
  6. Personal testimonial for the website!

    I spent 3 months at Headley Court, not a long time but more than I had expected. Two weeks I was sent their to assess a head injury I received whilst on duty. Although I enjoyed the company of fellow servicepeople I resented the fact that I had to be hospitalised full stop. My family and I had become alienated due to my injury changing my perception towards those who normally would have assisted and cared for me. Sadly, Headley Court only has very, very limited space to put up family members who may need to travel from the other half of Britain or from a station overseas. Private renting for a short period is just not feasable and often outside of the financial possibilities a serviceperson has at his or her disposal.

    Although I felt alone in my small isolated world I think I would have greatly benefitted from my brother or sister being able to visit me. It deeply upsets me to hear that the residents, who live near to this fine establishment are against a dedicated building to house those families unfortunate enough to have suffered a loved family member needing treatment at Headley Court.

    Perhaps they should see the young people who have lost limbs fighting to keep the status quo on this planet the way it is and also giving them, the residents the freedom to go to their city jobs and earn the money to finance their beautiful homes I used to walk past. Or perhaps we should resign to the fact that they do not care and shun the armed forces, those young people who defend our liberties and our beliefs and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

    All I can say is thank you Headley Court and shame on you those opposing SSAFAs attempt at making life more bearable for those who were willing to do more than you are to make their recovery a less traumatic issue.

    Martin Metcalf
  7. Thanks to all. Will get the "personal" stuff and any photos onto extra pages linked from the "needs" page but have lost FTP access to my space at the moment so I'll pass updates to A_A and get them up for viewing as soon as the connection's working.

    Viro, good points (yet again) and I'll try to change the emphasis on that one. The fact that the new ward was allowed within the grounds was exactly why I didn't emphasise the listed / green-belt bit (although it would make the planning process longer and more complicated)

    As for "away from the grounds" - do you mean to tell me you've never been in hospital and felt the need to escape for an hour or two with a visitor?? :lol:
  8. I work in one, and thoughts of escape are my constant companions...

    Many hospitals provide on-site accom, and there's nothing wrong with it; it's entirely appropriate for families when the patient is in ITU etc. My employers look after service patients' families everywhere other than HC ( in case you want to link to it), and in most cases the accom is on-site. In case Red Team bring this up, we must stress the unique nature of HC - patients may be there a long time, they are there learning to adapt to life-changing injuries, their recovery is not just about the physical aspect of the injury, they may already have been in hospital for a long time, and so on.

    Relatives often need help too, and whilst mutual support can be helpful, professional assistance is also key, hence the need for welfare staff/social worker, and why a hotel won't cut it.
  9. I'm sure there already is on-site accom at Headley Court? Isn't it mentioned in the application document?

    I seem to recall they want Grays Lane as they need more, and have already nicked an MQ and another building.

    We have another day or so before the leaflets start hitting the streets, so I suggest we aim for any last tweaks to the first iteration today, then get AA to load it up tomorrow morning. After that we (and I mean Spunky ...) can review and add as we go along.

  10. I understand that what is at HC is informally provided, and is on the MQ site.
  11. (Sorry to be a complete Biff but can someone tell a new boy how to refer to an earlier message so that it shows who said it)

    Anyway, ref accommodation already available at HC

    Pigeon House, refered to in another thread, is 10 single rooms used for troops to practice getting back into a normal domestic environment. It is not suitable for familes or children. So there is only one flat in the grounds of HC that a single family can use (and it was recently refurbished by SSAFA for the purpose)

    As an aside, at Selly Oak there are 4 flats leased from the Hospital Trust which are now being used for families. They were all totally refurbished by SSAFA (new kitchens, new bathrooms, all new furniture) in order that they could be used. Our local Branch in Birmingham has also leased flats locally for the purpose. All have been in virtually constant use since Christmas when we opened the first two..
  12. At the top of the post you want to quote are 2 buttons: REPLY and QUOTE. Click QUOTE and what you want to quote will be between "[quote]" and "[/quote]"
  13. You forgot to mention the existing accom at Selly Oak, run by DMWS.

    One of the major headaches at RCDM is that service patients are spread over a number of sites, but MoD only provides 4 rooms at the Selly Oak site. Until recently there were only 3 welfare officers there (after 2 years of fighting there are now 4), and trying to juggle accommodation requests has been a huge problem, not least because unlike some other organisations, our staff provide a 24/7 service and end up having to deal with those who are disappointed or angry. This takes its toll on staff, and several have left. We obviously need some general's wives on board to press our case!

    Cashbar, in adition to the excellent work in making more accom available, is SSAFA pressing MOD to take its obligations to the wounded and their families more seriously?
  14. Currently trimming back the excess that drag-n-drop puts on the existing pages to get them as fast as possible, and reorganising to make updates easier.
    Still waiting for word back from SW's agent, but can change the pic very quickly if we hear nothing or get a "no". If all else fails, have a mottled grey background ready to put up for now.

    Hopefully will have the residents letters and some quotes available by the time I've finished so I can finalise the pages that need them. I've tried getting some from the MVDC site, but they're taking over a minute each to load on this connection so I've given up for now.

    Basically concentrating on getting what we have tidy, and will look at the suggested additions once that's ready to go. Better to get it running, then add to it, than to have nothing up when the leaflets start flying!
  15. Just a quick one, though you may already know.

    Letters from the MVDC website cannot be reproduced in full , as the copyright has been passed to the council, as their copyright notice states and republishing those letters in full or possibly even in part, could be regarded as prejuduicial.

    Giving the link should be ok though.