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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi Folks.
    I'm looking into setting up a site for my shop, the one linked has been recommended to me by a friend but it seems a little to good to be true
    for the price........ Opinions / advice please >

    Thanks. :)
  2. I've never heard of that one but it does look pretty good. Are you going to be transcational through a paypal account?
  3. Adam, I don't know your business but a mere 8 customisable pages on their highest-end product? Will that be enough?

    They process personal data in the US - will you need to change your DPA notification? Are you in a business sector where that might bother people?

    Their standard templates don't look so great? Are your HTML skills up to making your site look good?

    Have you tried talking to your current registrar or hosting company? They may have a product you could consider?

    Telford Services, an Arrse sponsor, use CyberShopUK - check - and then have a look at their product offerings here:
  4. Check your PM's :wink:
  5. Thanks for the reply.

    I'm a complete knob when it comes to these things so I confess that my IT skills are sheit. I clicked on to a few of their customers sites and thought it looked OK for a fiver a month with no set up costs.

    What appeals to me is the DIY element that appears reasonably squaddie proof ( OK, not that proof :roll: )

    It's a bespoke gift shop BTW engraving, pendants, laser crystal etc.
    I'm only a small business, but with up to 500 listings within the package and a shopping cart service, the site should cover most items.
  6. For now yes, although I do have a merchant account for the physical shop I'm going to keep them separated for now.
  7. Have you had a look around the paypal site? They should have some more info about setting something up within your current site.
  8. That's now on my things to do list, thanks mate, 'woods and trees' come to mind at the moment, so much to consider / choose from but with a very tight budget. :?