I am trying to build a professional looking website, but every time i think i am nearly there i find out that the product i am using doesn't have the capabilities to do what i need it to do.

So i have just ordered WebPlusx2, which i am told is really good for beginners like me.

I got it at a good price, so i took it, but i don't know much about it.

Is it as good as dreamweaver?

What kind of reviews has it had?
Web, what are you going to use the site for?

Dreamweaver and traditional HTML desktop applications have a steep learning curve and sites produced need lots of maintenance. The simpler applications are OK but produce sites that look either old fashioned or like they have been done by an 11 year old with crayons.

Something else to give serious thought is Content Management Systems or CMS. Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla spring to mind.

For a simple blog style site Wordpress is perhaps the best suited but if you need a bit more functionality then my favourite is Joomla. The best thing about these is they are free (open source). You might pay a bit for specific add ons but even the most functional of these are pretty cheap. Templates alter the look of the site and again these can be had very cheaply.

The Sgt Slingsby site I do uses Joomla. Have a look and PM me if you need any more info

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