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Webmaster courses


I expect someone will come along in a minute with a definitive answer but it may well relate to which particular design software you will be using for said Webmastering.
LAIT, I have a horrible feeling that the stock answer may be this:

1. The Army provides ArmyNET for hosting unit websites.
2. There is a short course (couple of hours online) to get your ArmyNET Content Management System 'ticket'
3. You should not be hosting anything outside of ArmyNET (there's a DIN on this somewhere).
4. Therefore you officially have no need of anything more than point 2.

Interested to hear if you find out anything different.

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
StickyBomb....Pretty much correct there.

Your boss is going to have to have a really good argument as to why he would host something outside the official channels.

Of course using tax payers money to pay for these courses is another argument...especially when we are laying people off.
It all depends. Does the unit need to build a customer-facing website from scratch? Does it need to straddle intranet / internet / DMZ? Will it have personal data? Will it need some database engine underpinning it or is it just something pretty. Or is it a collaborative working area like sharepoint? You might need .NET skills, you might need .ASP skills, perhaps XML / RSS feed construction or you might just need someone to administer IIS or Apache. It's not an easy question to answer unless we know the underpinning business arrangement or technical architecture in broad terms. But to echo what others have said, be very careful if buying external training, as there is a DIN which is very clear about what is and what isn't allowed in the current climate.

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