webley mk 111

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ordinaryforces, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. I was browsing through an auction this afternoon ...the usual tat..but what caught my eye was a short barrelled 38 webley, It looked in fair nick, plain-steel and black grips and was stamped on the left side quite clearly (war patten) I cant describe it much more as it was in a locked glass cabinet. my question is...would it be worth anything? or is it just junk curiosity.
    I've no idea if it was deactivated,but by what I could see it looked quite original.
  2. Thinking of taking the gentlemans way out are we? :)
  3. You'll never take me alive copper.
  4. A lot of Mess property has gone to the auction houses......
  5. Gentlemen have no need to take a way out. Cads, bounders and people from 'trade' with money are another matter mind, and not the type of chap one can really call a gentleman!
  6. Depends which country you are in.

    In UK, its most likely a de-act, although people do pay stupid money for this type of butchered relic. Maybe £200 for a MkIII in VG condition, £70 if its tat.

    There is a market for "live" handguns (Sect5/7) in UK, but there are far more Webleys than licensed collectors. Hence price can be lower than for a de-act, unless its something very rare.
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  7. A quick search brought this up.

    Deactivated Rare P.Webley MKIII Revolver - Allied Deactivated Guns - Deactivated Guns

    If you can grab the one you saw cheap enough it might be worth it.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A lot of the auctions have them for sale but without the serial number in advance or an RFD with sect 5 status you are out of luck even with a section 7.
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  9. Are you sure that it didn't say: "War Finish"? Webley did that so as to differentiate their wartime products from their normal better fished commercial stuff.

    Second I haven't seen a War Finish Mk.III, although Mark IVs are common.

    I have that one's brother [Section 7(3)], just few numbers earlier.
  10. 38 cal 165 to 180 mk5.....webley mk 4 pocket 3 inch barrel 150 to 160..webley 455 service revolver (birds head grips) 550 .. 600
  11. Let him have it.

  12. You Sir are quite correct!
    I went down to have another look and it was a mk iv, but it definately said "war pattern" on the left side.
    cheers anyway.
    I live in NI ...so it was mission impossible anyway.
  13. Why is that? NI is not subject to the 1997 Firearms Amendment Act.
  14. Didn't know that...but to be honest with you I have no interest in guns...my post was just out of curiosity.
    I used to be issued with a ppw.....more trouble than it was worth in my opinion.
  15. the webley i have says made in England rare these days ,,,it allso says 3 have ton on the barrel,,its a mk iv 38,commercial.its a B reg ?DNP with queens crown..any info plz .. hopeing ugly comes up trumps again :D