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Each Regt or Bn has their own way of packing their webbing. But is there a definative list to end all lists I ask you of what goes where in the webbing?

it all depends on what you are doin or were you are going..
we had different packing lists for different things..
our kidney pouches (58 webbing)were always the same..
Guess what?
The water bottle goes in the water bottle pouch,
the mess tins go in the utility pouch,
and the magazines go in the ammo pouch!
Now stop asking bone questions.
The_Duke said:
Quite right.

Perhaps to expand, many units have SOP's or lists for specific tasks or ops. These are generally regarded as minimums, to which you will add other things such as porn, fags and haribo.

Unfortunately, you will learn from experience what you should and shouldn't take.

For example:
you will be told to pack your waterproofs, which you will never wear unless already soaked or after the first time your Cpl calls you a puff.
you will be told to carry KFS, until you discover the delights of the racing spoon.
you will fill every pocket, pouch, nook and cranny with your comfy stuff and then be expected to carry extra section ammo, smoke, dems eqpt etc.

Very general answer to a very specific question.

Hope that helps.


Book Reviewer
RoyalEngineers said:
I've seen the bayonet pouch on the rear of the webbing sitting horizontally before.

Thought i'd make an EXCELLENT contribution to the discussion :D
Mate that's just REMFesque. I was instructed to fit the sword frog edgeways between the ammo pouch and water bottle pouch. Takes a bit of modifying of the webbing, but is by far the preferred option. As The Duke said though, it varies from Battalion to Battalion.

Do the AA get issued with Swords (Bayonets) as well.
I think they do for Operational deployments. We still call them 'swords' even under our new guise.

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