Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wana_b_sapper, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Ok guys!! :eek:

    I am an Air Cadet 8) and im thinking of getting webbing/ assualt vest!!!

    I have bought web-tex pouches just to attach to my belt to carry my water bottle etc!!! (as it is cheap to get :D )

    But is web-tex any good if you are an actual squaddie?

    I also have a PLCE pouch made by vanguard is this any good?

    Also my local Army surplus shop sells a Viper South African Assault vest for £30 is it worth buying? :?

    Any good advice would be appreciated!

    P.S. sorry if this has been said!
  2. Just out of interest, what are you going to fill all these pockets/pouches with?
  3. why would you need an assault vest. you get issued webbing dont you?
    i hardly think cadets need all those pouches for mags when they get issued two mags and usually 40 rounds max.

    stick with issued its free and its practical!
  4. Mars bars, Snickers, Crisps, Coke... The list is endless! :wink:
  5. ATC dont get issued with webbing!

    Nothing much, water, food, cam cream, pocket knife etc!!!

    Just wondering whether the stuff ive got is any good!! as when i join Royal Engineers hopefully next summer i want to know if i shud bin the kit i got!
  6. Nope, the ATC are not scaled for webbing, so whatever they can get their hands on has to do.

    It's not unusual for ATC Cadets to buy their own DPM (not scaled for that either - unless it's changed in the last couple of years) either and it's a bit of a task making sure they buy Brit kit and not Cloggie or other similar stuff!

    You can't knock their keeness in paying out of their own pockets for stuff the MOD should be giving them - instead of selling it on for pennies to the surplus dealers - who then rip off the Cadets :x
  7. WBS - when you join up, wait and see what your issue kit's like. Stick with what you're given in basic, then when you get to your Sqn/Regt, see what the rest of the lads are using.

    If your stuff's OK, then use it. If not, sell it on to some of your mates in the ATC Sqn when you're on leave and pop in for a beer with your OC! :wink:
  8. oops my bad well maybe you do need webbing then lol i would advise the standard plce stuff then i mean if its good enough for the regs then it will be good enough for a cadet!
  9. Yep, and then you'll have "spares" when your serving - always handy to have should any of your kit ever go "diffy"!
  10. kl, thanx for the info,

    some sqn's get issued combat clothing, but it isn't nescessary to get issued with it!

    Currently i got a small belt kit consisting of

    2 x Water bottle pouches (Web-tex)
    1 x PLCE Utility pouch (Vanguard) - one on the way ordered it the other day -

    Does anyone know if Web-Tex and Vanguard any good! are they IRR compatible
  11. Mate you dont need to worry about it.Your an Air cadet. When you join up then worry about it.
  12. Vanguard kit is great and IRR. They sponsor the Infantry Forum so follow the link there to find out more. Web Tex isn't IRR or very good but should be OK for Cadets. Viper is from the same company as Web Tex so you decide... Plenty of thoughts on here if you search webbing or web tex.

    Don't spend a fortune on kit before going regular as you won't be able to use much on phase one training. wait till you get to Squadron and see what the guys there are using.

    Good luck with your plans. And please stop shouting! No need for so many !!!!!!!!!
  13. Just buy a decent daysac .More use unless your getting loads of ammo to lug around better off putting everything in a daysac.
  14. Just buy a SA copy set, that will do.... and achieve the required "ally" look
  15. boots-get good fitting boots.
    and several sets of good socks.
    when I was a battalion acf nursing officer,the state of the poor cadets feet was dreadfull-swapping boots,wearing them for first time at camp etc.