Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cam_up, May 27, 2007.

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  1. -is it worth getting tailored webbing.
    -what do you carry in your webbing apart from the usall.
  2. 5.56 is that you??

    T C
  3. I find it easier to run in , and the pouchs don,t bounce about ( its saves you using a bungee and utility strap

    it also looks cool its a cat walk out there
  4. you can get you webbing tailored?! Whats wrong with the issue stuff? must cost a fortune
  5. Give Troopers of Colchester a ring they're webbing is a very worthwhile investment. At least a dozen people in my unit have bought their webbing from Troopers. Look them up in the QM's and MT forum.
  6. I get my man to carry mine, and I always insist on silk sheets.
  7. I am afraid not, I am here.
  8. a bungee and a lot of black nasty does tommy_cooker just fine!
  9. If only somebody else had asked, what do you keep in your webbing, and it ran to ten pages.