Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Shadowfar, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,i've just got attested and got issued all my kit and everything and im stuck with the setting up of the webbing,any help would be nice thnaks :)

    Its just one big pile of fuckin straps at the moment lol.

  2. Groan. Not this old chestnut again. You should be given a lesson very soon about how to assemble webbing by your RRTT, so dont worry. You'll find in time (very rapidly) that youll want to add extra pouches as they generally give out a pretty poor selection. There are a lot of threads in the QM section of arrse detailing this sort of thing, so have a browse - there are some generally very good ideas and tips.
    Most importantly; you cannot and must not do exactly what anyone tells you. Webbing is intensly personal and individual and as such what works well for someone else may not work at all for you. A prime example of this is keeping water bottles in entrenching tool pouches - some find it superb, while others lack the coordination and octopus flexibility to execute the manover needed to take on water from behind ones back in a tight fitting pouch.
    Take a look on EBay at the PLCE webbing sets already made up to get some ideas.
  3. Don't put your respirator pouch on it !!!

    Other than that, speak to the guys in your unit, I’m sure they’ll will be only to happy to help. You’ll change over 100’s times in your first year anyway as you try and work out what’s best for you.
  4. okay thanks for the help guyz
  5. This was surprising to me (between leaving regs and joining TA) everybody used to carry them everywhere on pain of a right royal rollocking, now hardly anyone has it with them at all. I understand experiences in Iraq etc have led to this but it seems strange to me.
  6. The reason you don't attach your resi to your webbing is because you are supposed to have your resi with you at all times. If a chemical attack came in in the form of smoke and your webbing was the other side of a building then your not going to get your resi on in time, remember your dress states lesson? You could effectively stand bollox naked in certain chemical attacks, as long as your resi is on.
  7. Well remembered, plus the only place normally left on your PLCE is at the centre of your back, you spend at least 5 of the magic 9 seconds whirling around like a Dervish trying to get to it.
  8. Surely only when the threat exists, otherwise its in the vehicle, bottom of Bergen, top of your wardrobe etc. Another reason not to carry it on your webbing, its far to bulky and if your only going to need to once a year.......well you do the math.

    ……..and of course it looks utter pump on your webbing, never sacrifice style for the chemical safety rule. :)
  9. If you going up against the Third Shock Army or Saddam in his WMD days (Yeah right !) then get it on your webbing (or a least strapped round your waist). If not and you're exercising in a non CBRN phase, get it in your Bergan, along with your noddy kit. If you're on Ops and need it carry it, bang it on. If not, their are always more important stuff to carry, I'm sure. It was in my Bergan for six months in the Sandpit. Adapt your kit to the situation otherwise you would be carrying allsorts ( was going to say useless, but it was too harsh) of unrequired kit.
  10. Ok, failed to mention that, but the principle still stands. Like your rifle, a resi should be no more than an arms length from you at any time.
  11. I'm sure his instructors will thank you for that, and so will he once his instructors have finished with him.
  12. Except as a recruit, when its likely your RRTT will tell you what to put and where. If they say the resi pouch is on there, then the resi pouch goes on there. Mine did anyway.
  14. Stoker, your a bluff old traditionalist but I agree with your ever word. Who says that the insurgents currently being trained and supplied by Iranistan will not up the anti and decide to punish the infadels with some mad concoction produced by our good friend Mr. dinnerjacket?

    I wouldn't put it past the fcukers......