Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jamjar11, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. It helps to stop everything from flapping about, and a bungee is also one of the most versatile things you can carry. They are lightweight and can be used for dozens of different things.
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  2. Depends.

    Who are you and what are you doing? Cadet? TA? Corps?

    I have gone through the 'webbing fashon' phases and come full circle to the 'less is more' look. Dont try and be showy, dont have random things hanging off you, your probably not hard enough to pull it off!

    3 utility, 2 ammo, all nicely put together with no spaces, a compression strap through the loops to hold it together and all taped up. If your wanting to push the boat out you can even go as far as a sandbag on top!

    What are you issued?
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  3. I'm currently a member of the acf I know you probably thinks I'm some kid who wants to be "ally" haha and I have a set of webbing it was my dads it has 2 double ammo 3 utility and a bayonet pouch obviously not going to use that any suggestions ? Hoping to join royal Irish when I am old enough thanks

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  4. Iphone App isn't working :(
    Currently have it all disassembled and ready I have 2 double ammunition pouches and 5 utility and have a respirator pouch ,entrenching tool pouch, Bayonet frog i think its called , Yoke , and belt. what would you suggest to put on? I am currently a cadet waiting to go to the infantry or sigs
    thanks very much
  5. In that case don't worry about it. In training your Corporal will show and tell you the acceptable way you will wear your webbing (Trust me on this!) during training. You will not be allowed to use your own. The webbing issued appears to be excellent so save your money until you have a year or so under your belt in your Unit of choice as then you will be in a position to make an informed choice as to exactly what you want/need.
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  6. [​IMG] Less is more.

    To find your place initially do what is advised and blend in - the people doing the telling will know what they are on about....................unless its cadets. What ACAB says is correct, wait and learn. Then when you have a clue make an informed decision. You will find that your webbing will naturally evolve into what you find useful for the role you are in anyway.
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  7. Well I think its safe to say you don't need your Bayonet frog cupcake, unless you need something to hold a curly wurly in.
  8. Why do they call it a "frog"? Sorry for the stupidity...
  9. Stolen from another arrse member-

    Closely related to Frogging:
    "Braided fastenings usually looped over a button or braided toggles in the same fabric. Often used in military uniform and traditionally Asian garments." is one definition.