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I have a set of MTP webbing for sale if anyone is interested.

PM for details if your interested
Assuming it wasn't issued - ebay?
A webbing thread in ACF. Always good for a laugh

Mark The Convict

OP, could you explain what this set of webbing is made up of? I'm not interested, but it might stop this thread hurtling into the Hole.

Mark The Convict

What an improvement, that'll bring the punters running. Do you have imaginary friends?

Mickey is quite lively & upbeat
Pete is a bit of a bully
And Daisy is quite a flirt

I also refer you to the initial post!
Why is it PM for details? Do you have something to hide? Or does it just consist of 26 pouches and 4 belts stitched together because you're such a colossal fat ******?
Not open for further replies.
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