Just wanting to know where the best place to buy webbing is? I am currently in the ACF but hoping to join the TA once I'm 18 (I'm 16) so I would like to purchase some mtp webbing that will see me through cadets and onto the TA. I don't want to buy any **** but I'm not exactly made of money, I got around £150 to spend on it, I was thinking dragon supplies but many reviews have made me think again. It needs to be durable, hopefully one of you lot will be able to point Me in the right direction, cheers

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Got to agree with roadster here, don't waist your money. What happens if you change your mind about TA or don't get in. Also the webbing we use will change in the next couple of years so you are just throwing your money away on kit you will get issued when you need it.

How is the webbing changing? I thought PECOC was dead?
Well I could opt for a 60 quid set in DPM from my DC, cheers for the info lads and just so I know for future reference is dragon supplies any good? and why do they have to keep changing the gear?

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Don't opt for any make do with issue stuff until you get in the TA, then once you like it and decide to stay think again if you want your own.

I have waisted money on loads of kit in the past but webbing is one thing I would never pay for.

If you really want to waist your money a good pair of boots would be the thing to get, however yet again we are changing them.

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Don't buy anything yet. No offence intended, but as a Cadet, you don't know what you want or need yet. Wait until you've done your training and had a little bit of time in your unit to work out how you want to set your kit up. The issue stuff is fine and you won't be allowed to use non-issue stuff in training anyway. The amount of crows who waste money on 'ally' belt kit before they realise it's shit is unbelievable. Your JNCOs in your first unit will give you some good guidance on what to get, not some never served bellends on an internet forum.

Spend your money on beer man!
Excuse me for being dumb here. What will the cadets who don't buy webbing do?
Surely you'll be issued webbing when you need it for exercises and ranges, no?
We get issue Cadet training vests, to put it bluntly they are rubbish, mag pouches are so tight It was a mission to get the ****s in there, they have little storage capacity, I remember getting my issued bottle and cup in there and some grub from the rat packs, and when your on the deck you can feel it sticking in you. Uncomfortable, poor quality and useless on FTX.

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As above.

If you desperately must buy some webbing for cadet use, buy some from eBay for no more than thirty shiny pound coins. Make sure it's not ******* Webtex too.

If nothing else, you'll look far 'ally-er' with a decently fitted, well worn set of issue-tissue than some shiny new SAS/Para/Airborne/Marines/Ninja webbing, and you'll have lots more spare cash to spend on women/girls/boys/whatever. Also, you can sell it on for almost exactly the same price to a newer cadet in your unit - or with a bit of nous and the addition of the words SAS/Para/Airborne/Marines/Ninja to your eBay listing maybe even make a profit off of an airsofter.
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