Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by scriv184, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. Im after a decent set of webbing but dont know which is best to buy?not worried about the cost as would rather pay more and get something that will last.
  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn, hard to believe this website has been up for ten years and no one else has asked that question isnt it!
  3. Try Dixies Corner, They have a fantasic website and service. They have lots of options with regards to webbing and all the bespoke additions that you may want or require, not the cheapest but the quality of the kit speaks for itself, worth a good look.
  4. Best bet is to search round this board looking at the various threads or even use the search button, it's a personal thing webbing. I reckon the first question you should ask yourself is what set up do you need/works best for you then MTP/MC or traditional DPM.

    Me, I currently have a set of webbing made by one of the Posters here, Boris 90210 (not his real number as I can never remember it) with a couple of bits from Bilbo_Boy and Fat Mini (1175 tactical), all very good.
  5. Try Silverman's 08 or 37 pattern, the latter being a sort of chest rig way before its time. It's over 70 years old now and damned near indestructible without copious amounts of petrol, so it'll outlive you........
  6. Silverman's are an absolute rip off, I wouldn't buy anything from them!
  7. P.m borris
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    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Troopers in colchester avoid dragon supplies his stuff generally falls to bits
  9. I have just purchesed some webbing from jay jays at brecon... multi cam 1 i i very good set of webbing cost me £261 with a dump pouch and a bum roll puch over the utility pouches at the back but made very good and i rekon probs the best webbing u can get.
  10. £261!! Not even I'd pay that for a set of webbing and I'm a self confessed kit tart. I had to have a good long talk with myself to justify the kit I Boris made for me in hindsight I wouldn't have tried as hard as it's worth every penny.

    But in the end it was your money to spend and sod what some bloke on the internet thinks, I'm sure you thought about it before buying.

    As to the best you can get......it's a personal thing, having seen other stuff I think the stuff Boris make is, but that's MOHO.
  11. Agree'd

    Also, Whats wrong with the 'Issued' PLCE webbing may I ask?

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Nothing ive got issued webbing tailored together with a few bits and bobs done with a yoke similar to an assault vest for 100 quid. 261 for the same in multicam ( having seen jay jays webbing im assuming)........ im keen as **** and thats a bit much for me
  14. Boxy, you're a good un!

    Guys, I'm pretty busy at the moment but for £261 you'd have got the comfiest belt and yoke ever; plus around 12 ish pouches to go on it.

    By the way there's only room for 10 pouches on the MOLLE belt fully loaded!

    Cheques in the post Boxy!
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  15. Do you do customwebbing or sumthing boris3098?