Webbing under Osprey Assault

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ouyin, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Heading off in about a months time to do a rather arduous course that includes (so we've been told) a lot of working with webbing worn under Osprey Assault.

    I'm not going to be a dope and buy a £200 set of webbing that's impossible to use under Osprey, but I was wondering if anybody had used different set-ups or, specifically, different yoke's that you could attach to the issue PLCE that would make it easier and more comfortable to operate using Osprey. Also, will being slightly "vertically challenged" have any impact on this?

    Or should I throw in the towel, accept that G10 isn't for men and buy a £300 set of tailored webbing from Troopers with integrated rocket pod, parachute and detachable wings for flapping and/or crowing it?

    Ive been using a molle belt and hook it on with these (sturdy as fook) in afghan with no dramas, I wear the issue yolk if im on wagons though, cause im a fat wee bastid and cant fit in the cupola with a belt kit on, its not bad but gets uncomfortable after a while if youve alot of weight on the belt. And im a dwarf.
  3. Give Boris a shout on here. His under armour yokes are toppers!
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  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Alternatively there's this with a special discount of £275.-

    Yep, that's two hundred and seventy-five pounds off the price you were given !
  5. Have you not been issued any pouches for Osprey already anyway?
  6. Some of our guys used purchased Molle belts and then the 'T-bar' clips that come with the osprey pack to attach the belt kit to the osprey...bit of a faff but effective. I used a low profile under armour yoke that was fine.
  7. I always wear belt kit under my armour. Its not the pouches that are the problem, its the yoke. The issue one just seems to dig in on the shoulders and after a few hours tabbing about its a tad uncomfortable. This:

    UK Tactical Elite Ops Slim Line Harness MC

    Works a treat. Two things though..... If your the kinda guy, and im not in any way saying you are, that carries everything in your webbing, spare socks and boot polishing kit included, then your asking for trouble comfort wise. Also, make sure youve got the correct size of body armour. A lot of lads wear body armour thats just too big and it presses down on the webbing and thats where the majority of discomfort comes from buddy....
  8. You could always get a buckshee issue yoke and cut the top buckles off. Replace with triglides Triglide buckle, 3 bar slide, slider buckles so that you attach the yolk straps near to the pouch/belt loops rather than under the armour. Should remove pressure points.