Webbing Troopers vs Jay Jays!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tommycooker1914, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Right im in the market for some webbing, I hear these 2 manufacturers are the best.

    I live no where near them (Yorkshire) so I will get it posted out.

    So which one do I give my hard earned to and any good modifications worth while?

  2. Mate, I'm also looking at getting a set, probably from troopers, so i'm glad you bought this up, may get some views on both sets. The set i'm looking into is the standard belt order seen here (first one at the top):


    I gave troopers a bell recently, and they told me that this set costs £91.50. From what i've heard it fits anyone perfectly (pouches to side and rear) if you are waist 34 or greater. And if not, you could always drop it down over your hips a bit. Quality is excellent apparently, but always good to hear personnal views on this.
  3. Ah, Im about a size 30-32" waist. But with the amount of kit that you wear now a days inc CBA will this be ok?

    Not many of our troops are size 34" waists.
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  6. I've tried all 3 (borrowed for excerises and tabs) Trooper Dragon and Jay Jay's Ive bought the Jay Jay's set up found it better set up for Bowman and better bulit than the Dragon set. The pouches are a bit bigger than the Troopers 1 wich was hard to get a metal mug in easlier.

    Also would recommend a Trooper Patrol yoke if in Vehs used it with the belt kit in Telic and now in Afgan