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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cam_up, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. I have just bought a set of webbing 2x ammo pouches with velcro closing and 4 utility pouches with fastex clips all sewn onto a hip-pad with bayonet loops on the ammo pouch, from www.dixiescorner.com its' of a very high quality, it's all triple sewn.
    BUT after a breif look into the pouches i saw a bad thimg WEBTEX utility.
    yet after spending £80 and the fact it's well sewn with the crapy normal buckles changed for good ones it seems to be very good not bad at all.
    on the IRR thing dust ruins it any way so really is it that bad?

    like to hear your thoughts please.
  2. Are these located just on the right down a track that leads to a stables or such like just before the cattle grid that leads onto the Training Area? (Crap grid ref I know0
    If so met him last year when he was first starting up,seemed to know his stuff about what was do-able.HE was talking about doing a repair service for kit, doss bag laundry etc, collecting from and dropping back to anywhere on the area.

    Thats if it`s the same guy of course.

    Edited because I can`t string a sentence together
  3. yea never been there orderd it like i say good quality a good bit of kit what do you think
  4. i mean i've never been to the shop that came out wrong
  5. Havent bought any of his gear, but it seemed to be good quality, a lot of the gear in his place was there being modified, Three pouches instead of one on front of Inf Bergan , Radio pouches etc.
    Pretty much anything you wanted
  6. so good then brill quality better than dragons S**t , i got my bergen modded aswell 3 pouch upfront with the mess tin pouch thing on the top with compression straps aswell its good qulity triploe sewn if not more in stress areas and it's cheap
  7. Should have got Jay Jay's to do it, much better quality.

    Dixies corner.com, lol, is it in the troop shelters? :lol:
  8. still cheaper than both eg more beer tokens.
    and still very good quality
  9. You get what you pay for, look to the SA80 A1 as an example.

    Buy cheap, buy twice.
  10. fair enough