Webbing slipping

No, pockets is the way to go. Somewhere I have a photo of me (a skinny 5'8") in the largest para smock ever made doing Buzzard Ops in XMG, attaching an underslung load. If it hadn't been for all the crap in my pockets acting as ballast, I'm fairly certain that the Puma downdraft would have wafted me away like a DPM maple leaf.

Anyway velcro's not tactical enough, what if @Notacrow has to "reach for a grenade" really close to the enemy (or Dave from accounts as he's usually known) and it pulls apart? He'll be covered in little plastic spheroids before you could blink and he'd have to re-life or whatever....
One of the DI's in my UOTC days had a DPM load-bearing jacket, which seemed quite ally at the time.

The Swiss issued load-bearing jackets instead of webbing for most of the Cold War, and they were neither ally nor well-liked.

It always struck me that not only does everything flop about, but all the weight's on your shoulders.



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Copp vests were fashionable in the late 80s / early 90s, basically a loose cut gilet with lots of big pockets worn over INIBA vest and smock instead of webbing for patrolling


Never used one myself, as they weren't issue but private purchase (and beer was more tactically relevant to my role).

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