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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Parry, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. Not sure if this should be in this section or the Training Wing so Mods feel free to move it where appropriate. I had a search for relevant topics too but found nothing conclusive so here goes.

    I'm in the Sigs (TA) and as such never really used my webbing a lot but now I'm hopefully going to start TAOC again in Sept which is Inf based. Obviously I need to make changes to adapt to the extra kit and different role. I just wanted to see what setup you guys had and any changes I could make to mine to make life easier. At present I've got:

    1 x Belt
    1 x Yoke
    1 x Ammo Pouch
    1 x Utility Pouch
    1 x Water Bottle Pouch

    I also have a bayonet frog, entrenching tool holder, another utility pouch and a water bottle pouch that I got a good deal on...they're not attached though.

    Any advice and tips would be great and much appreciated. Also if anyone has pics of their kit that would be magic, I've searched the net but they're all side etc and I can't see what's what.
  2. The first bit...the belt. Well, that goes round your waist.
  3. I was wearing it round my head like Rambo...my bad.
  4. Personally ive always gone for 1 waterbottle pouch at centre rear with a utility pouch on either side of this, then going out further an ammo pouch on either end.
    Also bayonet frog slides nicely between the left hand ammo pouch and the utility pouch with a bungee securing the three rear pouches nice and tight together, reducing bounce.

    as a nice finishing touch, a sandbag for your gash, rolled up and secured to the top of the rear three pouches.

    Hope this helps although i have seen a hell of a lot of different variations of this, for pics try


    good luck.
  5. start at the middle back , utility pouch, next left water bottle pouch, next right other utility pouch . Stick these 3 together so there are no gaps ( you can stitch them ) if you can get hold of another ammo pouch for your right hip that would be much better . Dont be chippy and use a bungee it looks crap and you cannot get kit in your pouches . Get some black 1/2 inch elastic cut into 9 inch strips and tie to the loops on either side of your pouches. I recommend a padded hip guard thingy, you webbing should be nice and snug and sat on your hips not any higher . Works for me . Remember webbing is for bullets and water with a little bit of emergency kit . Everything else can go in your day sack . Everybodys different so its your call .
  6. Good call re the elastic recce-cpl, hadnt thought of that, re hippo pads, anyone got an opinion on which is best? Ive seen versions by arktis, webtex, sass and highlander, is there an 'official' version as such?
  7. i would go for theSASS one
  8. The issue one is very good quality - and free:


    The cost to the MOD is about £3.80. Available through all good QMs' Depts.

    If you need the NSN pm me.
  9. Personally I like to have the water bottle pouch to my rear left (left most of the back three pouches), I have seen some use the entrenching tool pouch as a water bottle holder (if its the one with a strappy elastic thing on it), it fits the issue water bottle a treat and is much easier to get hold of one handed (the reason for having the water pouch on the left side). However this is only useful if you ONLY want the water bottle in there as it is too snug for anything else.

    Inf. types should have 2xammo pouch (worn on the hip L+R, L for mags, R for Pyro), 1 water bottle pouch, 1x utility pouch (slightly bigger than water pouch) and a gas mask pouch, the gas mask pouch normally gets ditched in favour of another utility.

    Some commanders/sigs/meds/NCO's etc I believe sometimes ditch their RH ammo pouch in favour of another utility pouch or commanders pouch for TAM, model kits etc...

    I have seen bayo frogs behind RH ammo pouches and also strapped horizontally on the back of the yoke (but for some reason I've never liked this).

    Personally I would Rig out webbing as follows: (starting from the front buckle, working left to right, think of a circle running anti c)

    -buckle (mine's shite so i have leccy taped it in place pretty tight)
    -LH Ammo (mags only)
    -Water Pouch(As I said, why not try the entrenching tool if you ONLY want water in this pouch)
    -Utility (1x mess tin wrapped in shemagh/net wrap thingy, inc. basic rat pack (not all of one, and other essentials (lighter/E+E tin if your'e on ops)
    -Utility no.2(Pair of socks in zip baggy w/ foot powder, cam cream, other odds and ends, I have a loverly cheap green patrol cap)
    -Bayo Frog
    -RH Ammo

    there is much more that you could strap to yourself, but thats up to you, the more you put on the heavier it is etc etc...

    Hippo pads are ace, SASS, Arktis etc, they are all pretty much the same.
    bungee cords round the entire setup (the smaller ones you can pick up from the NAAFI) should keep it all in place and stop it banging on your arrse when your running.

    ATEOTD: get it as comfortable as poss, saves a sh1te load of hassle.

    Personally I only have limited experience being part of an Inf. OTC Unit, I'm sure others such as Recce Cpl will add bits and bobs to help you out.

    .: M-F :.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Alternatively you could get a decent custom set, much lighter than the issue kit made up at Troopers in Military Road, Colly.:

    01206 - 511 - 268

    They send worldwide
  12. I'm a tad ashamed this chap doesn't know more about CEFO????

    All my chaps are shown everything there is no know about the stuff? i.e. the million way's of packing it for specific roles etc....?
  13. Only training I got on CEFO was a forty minute block at TAFS, other than that it's just been little bits of advice from various people.
  14. depends what your using it for, for foot work issued webbing si the best, tried tabbing in cop and assault vests, they are good for iraq when getting in and out of rovers is paramount, but terrible for tabbing. recce-cl and the rest are about right, but dont use bunges, you cna buy a set of three utility pouches on the web if you cant be arsed to sew, but thee are loads of options about try it out yourself. and for gods sakwe dont get the viper south african webbing you will look like a your in the bosnian sas
  15. Where do you put your super dooper sniper scope though?