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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wannabe-rifleman, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Just looking for some advice on webbing, finish ITC Catterick in 3 weeks and looking to get some gucci webbing for batallion as appose to the issue crap i've been using for the last 6 months. I've googled loads of sites that sell it so get plenty to chose from just wanting to know what other peoples preferred brands are or if there are any to stay away from?
  2. Wait until you reach your new btn and ask your cpl, no point in wasting beer tokens.
  3. I agree with t_s, wait till you get to Bn and find out what the lads are using and what they recommend.

    GUCCI webbing may look good but don't forget that when you pass out you'll be free to set your issued stuff up the way you like.
  4. Ok thanks for the advice, plt sgt has let us change our webbing a bit, we've moved the scabard holder and replaced the entrenching tool with another utility pouch which makes it look ten times better than it did originally, but i'll hold off spending my cash until i get to btn then.
  5. also depends what, in your opinion, makes issue stuff crap.

    when you buy gucci webbing, it doesn't change the way in which you have to work with it, it just makes it a bit more comfortable , hardwearing and maybe a touch easier to use.

    but it'll still do all the annoying things webbing does.
  6. Phone troopers get a belt kit from there when my crow passed out they went there and thas the kit i have.
  7. What Bn you going to? And what rifles platoon are u in,i was R3 Pl Sjt last year.
  8. 5RIFLES

    see sig block ;)
  9. If its 5 Rifles all he will need is a set of coveralls then - thay are armoured.
  10. Just remember that if you spunk loads of beer tokens on guucci webbing from jay jays,dragon supplies or where ever, one you tear one pouch it's fucked. Your platoon Sjt battalion is the man to ask.
  11. or just ask your muckers! do what everybody else is doing! its usually the easy thing to do

    but yes, the point is correct that when you buy webbing all sewn together, you only have to break 1 pouch to have a faulty SET of webbing. Furthermore, it's much easier to obtain an issue PLCE pouch in the middle of a desert, than it is to get your funky webbing fixed.

    heard plenty of horror stories (and seen a few) of blokes who buy cushty kit, then break it in the middle of a long exercise or even on ops. They spend the rest of the ex / tour wearing some horrible old ragged uncomfortable PLCE set that doesn't fit properly, as it's all the QM could find to replace his non-issue set with (if they'd broken an issue pouch, it'd just get replaced like-for-like). If they'd have just modified / adapted an issue set to fit nicely, and one pouch failed, it'd simply be a case of getting the pouch swapped with the Q-man.
  12. Use the issue stuff it's free - you can adjust it to suit.

    Gucci webbing dosn't make a good soldier.
  13. Appreciate the feedback blokes, cheers.
  14. Web Tex is the best you can get
  15. :clap: Very good, very good. Best joke I've heard in weeks :clap: