Webbing Question from a Newby!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gazeranco, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Gents,

    Is this anygood??

    Special Forces Webbing.

    My issue webbing is pants so I want to buy some as trying to get anything exchanged is a nightmare...

    Not sure about the roll pin thing? I use a buckle...

  2. Whats wrong with your issue webbing exactly ?
  3. Go with the issue tissue, there is plenty you can do to mod it, and if it breaks you exchange it.

    Roll pin belt is good, if like me, you are not addicted to pies.
  4. what do you want it for ? are you a cadet, t.a or a reg ?
  5. I agree stick with the issue stuff, waste of money splashing out and you will end up paying more if it breaks. Small additions like a roll pin belt, velcro ammo pouches etc. make it a lot easier to operate with.
  6. If you're issued webbing is pants then do something about it. Webbing is only as good as you set it up.
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  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Nothing wrong with a roll belt but when companies start calling kit " Special Forces " I'd not look at it.
  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    I agree, they call it Special Forces, to try and sell, usually inferior products at inflated prices.
  9. It looks like cheap shite...and very Troopers/Dragons rip-off!

    I would stay away!
  10. I borrow a set of that off me mate for guards and the like. (I've not had my initial issue yet.)

    Not worth the price, issue webbing is just as good if not better and you get to swap shit when it buggers up.
  11. Quite right.
  12. send your issued stuff to jay jays to get modded. issued pouches are the best pouches heavy duty wise you can buy.
  13. Having bought kit for myself over the years, bear in mind that if you are serving. and injured or wounded, God forbid, all your gucci kit is likely to be binned.

    Having used 37 patt, with the cadets, we bought 58 patt and thought it the dog's bollocks. When I went from 58 to PLCE that was a mahoosive leap forward, although the caombat handbags we were issued made a 58 large pack look commodious.

    It might be. as has been suggested, the way you are wearing it.

    Remember, at one time the large Bergan was the peak of perfection.
  14. No, for PLCE, the 1 tonne took some beating.
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  15. I would stick with plce. Swap the et pouch for a utility pouch buy a hip pad hay even get some of them velcro ammo pouches if you want. Tighten it all up with a utility strap round the bottom of the pouches tape it all up and bob's your auntie you should be a good set of webbing.