Webbing - putting it together!?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by You_Fecking_Lizard!, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Okay I have tried black elastic to hold everything together.... tried bungee cord..... Always the same there is always a gap between the fourth water bottle pouch! How do I get my four back (utility / water bottle) pouches to stay together???

    Jim can you fix this for me?
  2. Perhaps the gap on the belt between the pouches is too big?

    If it's not that, how about tying them together using the loops on the back?
  3. Move them closer together?
  4. Bung em all right up next to each other, to the point where you're virtually sloting them into the same holes, then shove a utility strap through the loops on the inner side of the pouches (the side touching your back)... always worked for me.

    Alternatively, lose a few stone and get a smaller belt, chubby :p
  5. Well if your Sect 2ic is earning his pay he should be able to square you away.
    Ok, didn't mean for that to rhyme...!
  6. :D Listen to this man, fat hole
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok swing the sandbag, in 82 at Otturburn this sex god was completing the march and shoot when we happened to pass some Artillery with Feck of Big guns, known as FOBG. There was a cpl, ok bombardier and he was a large chap. He was wearing his cefo with all pouches attached and the ammo pouches were on the outside of opposite hips. You could fit another set on his front.
    I was amazed, I wish I could do that and lo and behold if I could find a belt big enough I probably could nowadays.
  8. Once you've shoved all the pouches together, like they've said, you could make a small hole in the top of each pouch and paracord them together, as well as using the utility strap.
  9. i use a utility strap on the underside as mentioned above ^^^
  10. i found cutting the ends off a normal bungee and looping them through the outer loops (just under the clasp) as well as the loops on the underside and simply tieing it off at the ends really effective. Tricky to do and you need to put some effort into stretching it but found its well worth it when running about. Bit of a nightmare to get the waterbottle in :p
  11. But don't put the bungees round your ammo pouches.
  12. yeah, forgot to mention, but should be common sense obviously. As well as this the bungee cord definately wont stretch that far and if you can make it, then just leave the army and apply for the next mr universe.