Webbing, problems with

Can someone shed some light on my problem:

While back I purchased a set of webbing from cadet direct (I'm a cadet). My problem is that my utility pouches have a tendency to rip themselves away from the belt and land a few feet to my front when doing the dash down crawl thing.

Does anyone know why this is? I'm going on a cadet exercise (Excalibur) tommorrow and would like to get this problem sorted.
Your problem is that you masturbate too much.

The webbing sounds like it is missing connectors. You should also put the 1" webbing yoke straps into the metal loop that lies between the ammo pouches. Thats what the little slot is for.
Have you just attached it to your belt with the velcro/popper starps?,theres a couple of belt loops on it,thread your belt through them then attach the poppers/velcro,and yes instead of having too much spare time on your hands as many posters on this forum do,you have too much spunk on yours.
Looking at the inside of my belt I have little slots, I put the black bars on the utility pouches (the ones giving me hassle) through these slots and then close the popper/velcro pad over however the still fly off.

BB my straps that go over my shoulders are slotted through the front metal thing on my double ammo pouches, the straps that go off a diagonals are slotted through the metal thing on my ammo pouch that is closest to it. The ones that go down are looped through the belt loops. So I believe they are all linked up right.

BRL said something about belt loops on the pouches, these are only on my ammo pouches, there is a loop in the bottom left of my pouch but the belt can't fit through that. Never ordering anything from cdt direct again
Aint webtex because they have quick release buckles, mine are the ones with the little hoop and slot things. I've heard it called the spanish fly quick release or something silly like that, must be highlander I'll just use the force and headbut anyone with the kevlar on if anyone says anything :roll:
May be pointing out the obvious here but the pop studs on the back of webbing pouches can sometimes be tricky b*ggers until you get the hang of them.

Sometimes when you think youve got them in they are actually only half in. Once you think theyre fastened give it a good tug (phnar phnar) and make sure it doesnt come off easily.

Or to save you embrassment on the exercise ask an NCO or one of your instructors for a hand. Thats what they are there for and if theyre any good they should appreciate you asking for help then rather than keeping shtum and making everyone look a bit of a muppet on the training ground as you run around dropping pouches here, there and everywhere.

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