Webbing or Assault vest?

Im in the army cadet force, and looking at gettin my own webbing or assault vest that will last, any advice on which is better, webbing or assault vest? and what brand/make? Thanks
Why are you shouting?

If you're doing dismounted work, go with webbing. I always preferred an assault vest as I found it more comfortable and did mounted things... but as a cadet get some beltkit.

Then again, i'm a matelot so i'm sure a proper soldier will be along soonish and hold forth.
I used to be an Army Cadet, and the '58 pattern stuff you get given (at least I did when I was in) is all you really need. If you're determined to spend your pocket money on looking ally, then I'd recommend the issue PLCE stuff which can be bought relatively cheaply from any decent Army Surplus shop. Webbing ftw.

Edited to add:

See here for how to set up:

The Basics - ARRSEpedia

Also, don't get conned into buying a full set already put together for 70 quid- look for G2 used (second-hand) stuff, it works out at about a fiver a pouch.

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Both - webbing for day long warry stuff, chest webbing and big feck off bergan for long long walks in the countryside. But since you probably won't be allowed to do the second just get some pattern 58 webbing off ebay with extra water bottle pouches and a decent tan/brown day bag and you'll have everything you need.

Here is a site that sells some of the slightly strange and off the wall stuff that would be cool to have but you obviously would never be allowed to use.

Get a set of plce of fleabay it will last you and it wont break the bank

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