Webbing Modifications

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by clanker, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. I am looking at getting some webbing modified, pouches altered, moved etc, and was wondering if any fellow arrsers knew of any individuals who undertook such tasks!
  2. Er....top tip! If you look very very very closely at your webbing you'll see that it's modular. Amazing huh? Pouches can be removed, added, switched round, all sorts of great stuff. And you don't even need to call in a professional! Awesome.

    You maniac.
  3. Depends what you want to do with it , pm me with your needs and i may be able to point you in the right direction .
  4. Handy top tip poisondwarf, but i meant altered as in bits cut off and re-sewn elsewhere, though i think you really knew what i meant but just wanted to write something derogatory!
  5. why would anyone do that?
  6. Pirbright stitch (Pirbright, obviously)

    HM Supplies (Aldershot)

    JayJays (Brecon)

    Troopers (Colchester)

    They will also do your bergen and daysack as well and can advise you if you're unsure of what you might need done, some of them will also make up pouches to order (used to make claymore pouches, etc)

    (you must be TA if you don't know where to get your pouches modded ?! :wink: )
  7. Cheers goose_rider will try these contacts. TA rupert, so do not know a lot any way mate, ha, ha.
  8. But of course. I have attention deficit disorder and your vague question was just too tempting to ignore. 8)
  9. Do SASS still do those ridiculously large belt pouches?
  10. [quote="Goose_Rider"

    Pirbright stitch (Pirbright, obviously)

    HM Supplies (Aldershot)

    JayJays (Brecon)

    Troopers (Colchester)[/quote]

    Good effort Goose Rider, I have used all of these except Pirbright. HM's in Aldershot and Jay Jays are both excellent, I have been using both for years, and they are very good. Troopers isn't bad, but they're a bit slower and can be a bit on the expensive side.
  11. Yup
  12. JAY JAY'S is the man , a little pricey but well worth it .
  13. Dont put yourself down or anything :roll:
  14. Cheers all, will give the various buisnesses a ring , Poison Dwarf thanks for your humour :lol: