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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Soldier_5, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. just wondering who carries what in their webbing at otc?

  2. If you have yet to work out that 2 cans of beer fit in each of the ammo pouches then I can't help you

    Other than that when I was there back in the day

    L Ammo - Ammo (if not filled with beer)
    Utility - Mess tin, Hexi, Rations, Tabasco
    Resperator pouch- binned asap as no resperator. (why do we get them then, Sir? SHUDDUP! NEXT!)
    Watter bottle pouch - guess
    R Ammo - left free for BFA and cleaning kit (or see L Ammo)

    Keep it light. You just have to carry it. This didn't stop me getting extra pouches and filling them with cräp I never used or needed.

    It is army club. Just make sure it fits (no hula hoops or 'chest rigs' please) and doesn't rattle. Most seem to fall at this the most basic of hurdles.

    Work on the basic stuff first. The rest will come...
  3. Harribo is the ultimate morale boost.

    Fill as many pouches with it as possible.
  4. Make sure you have

    decent locking knife
    model kit
    waterproof and warm clothing and one pair of socks and gloves in your rocket pouch
    small first aid kit (including vasaline)
    spoon on para cord

    and most importantly
    hip flask containing some rum

    and make sure you tape up the straps.

    Forget about the gucci stuff keep it simple and light.
  5. the usual shit
  6. At least two - and filled with a good single malt!
  7. This is going to sound bloody rich coming from me (wined your neck in mongoose)

    LH ammo pouch (double) = Ammo = (Mags x 6) (surprise)
    RH ammo pouch (Front) = Cleaning Kit (take out oil bottle and put it at bottom of said pouch this makes rolling up the rest of the cleaning kit much easier).
    RH ammo pouch (rear) = Mountain Equipment thermal cup (fits perfectly & keeps warm up to 4hrs, ideal in cold weather)
    Water Bottle pouch = (You guessed it)
    Utility Pouch = Mess tin, Hexi, Rations (Rations should be: 2 meals BiB, biscuits & paste, Haribo
    Utility Pouch #2 (optional) = extra water bottle if training in hot weather (Our last 2 annual camps have been exceptionally hot lots of people went down with dehydration)
    Utility Pouch #2 (optional) = more food and Thinsulate woolly hat if training in cold weather (you loose 60% of your body heat through your noggin and your berret is only better than nothing in very cold weather. Lots of water as well if air is cold and dry as you will dehydrate faster)

    Hope this is not to patronising but also educational and remember one of the OTCs unofficial mottos "Train Easy Don't Fight".

  8. webbing horrible stuff!!
  9. That was useful. Thanks, now please go and boil your head.

    Ref: Minime and taping up webbing straps. Don't tape the front two straps as it can impede the removal of your webbing in an emergency situation, if those straps aren't taped up you just have to let them run all the way through, undo the QR clip or rollpin on the belt and the webbing just falls off without any effort at all.

    Also, don't tape Field Dressings to your webbing, not only do you look like a gay septic, it gets in the way of your bergen straps.

    Two water bottles, metal mug instead of mess tins, rat pack main meal, small first aid kit and another large field dressing are all a good idea. I also carry a silk sleeping bag liner, light, takes **** all space, dries quickly and most importantly its bloody warm.
  10. By way of comparison here's a kit list for 58 Pattern Webbing CEFO (Combat Equipment Fighting Order) from my TA unit SOPs circa 1975 :-

    Left Hand Ammo Pouch - SLR Mags x4
    Right Hand Ammo Pouch - RCK and BFA (If Issued)
    Energa Pouch - KFS

    Respirator Haversack - Respirator AG S6, DKP 1 and 2, Detector Paper, Anti Dim and Cleaning Cloths, Spare Cannister; Inner and Outer gloves; Respirator spetacles if required.
    Waterbottle Pouch - Waterbottle (Full) , Mug and Steritabs

    Kidney Pouch Left - Mess Tin Large, 24 Hour Ration Pack, Hexamine Cooker; Face Veil (if not worn as scarf); Cap Comforter

    Kidney Pouch Right - Mess Tin Small, Holdall containing soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, footpowder; Towel; Boot Cleaning Kit; Spare Socks; Spare Boot Laces; 15metres dark string.

    Poncho Roll - Poncho; Jersey HW (if not worn)

    NBC Suit and Overboots strapped above Kidney Pouches

    Digging Tool and 2 Sandbags

    Large Pack - Spare Shirt KF, Spare Socks, Spare Underpants (Drawers ECW if required); Plimsoles; Combat Liner; Spare Towel; Beret (if not worn); Housewife; Sleeping Bag and Liner; Trousers LW; Belt Green Corlene.

    Worn on the Man:-

    Helmet Steel (Scrimmed); Combat Suit DPM, Shirt KF, Braces, Puttees; Boots DMS.

    Upper left breast pocket - FFD, Knife Clasp on Lanyard
    Upper right breast pocket - MOD90 or chit in lieu of, Notebook, Pen and Pencil
    Lower left pocket - Gloves
    Lower right pocket - Cap Combat DPM
    Rear Pocket - Hood Combat DPM

    The kitchen sink and blacksmiths anvil were optional items........
  11. pretty standard:

    left to right:
    water bottle, metal mug
    hexi, bib, brew kit, haribo, biscuits
    first aid kit, gloves, lowealpine goretex mountain cap (must-have!), or suncream, boonie and mozzi rep for the summer.
    cleaning kit
  12. Left ammo pouches: mags
    Bayonet (sword)
    Water bottle pouch: water bottle, puritabs, small 1st aid kit, green string.
    Utility pouch: mess tin, 2x boil in bag, biscuits, hexy, lighter.
    Water bottle pouch: water bottle, cleaning kit
    Right ammo pouches: empty (space for more ammo and grenades)
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah - in the Large pack !
    I still want to mallet the barstard who 'designed' that particular element of the 58 Patt !
  14. hmmm.... was more thinking either port or a nice slow gin!

  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    is that gin with learning difficulties?