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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by paddymc, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi can anybody help, i have yust joined up again, (Ex Reg) i left in 95.
    i have enlisted as a CMT, as im employed as an ambulance tech.
    can any suggest a kit list for fighting order for my webbing.
  2. I wouldn't buy anything yet - there may be some medic specific stuff you need (or just really, really want and the system just refuses to supply the TA with - but I'd wait and see how you get on. They are changing things all the time and if you do deploy, you get kit issue at RTMC. They are currently issuing assault vests, for example, with additional Molle compatible pouches for your Osprey - but it may all change tomorrow (okay, Monday).
  3. consult your unit SOP's.

    Also, see your SQMS for an extra utility pouch or two (or three).

  4. Why how much fighting do you intend doing?

  5. water bottles mug brew kit , magazines &cleaning kit if your keen
    everything else chuck in day sac.
    With current operational enviorment dictating training days of long lists of things to carry in webbing is gone . Mostly just ammo and water
    nowadays .And in your case a big bag of medical supplies :D
  6. As much as CMT may be expected to do in theatre, I expect.
  7. Webbing should be packed as per SOP, at least for the first weekend or so :eek:
  8. Water, Ammo, Mars Bar
  9. Many thanks for all the replies, I left the regs over 14 years ago so things change, the fighting order I was referring to was the old cemo and cefo kit list.going to take a bit of time to aquire some of the new kit on the Market.
    Any pointers, I would be grateful.
  10. webbing belt
    2 ammo pouches
    2 utility pouches

    but it's all issued to you mate, and you get a lesson oon how to put it together and what goes in where on your training weekend
  11. Hi mate thanks for reply, I got webbing today, put it togather, it's amazing how it all comes flooding back to you after all this time. Starting 1bravo start of feb, looking forward to it, just want to get done and out of way.
  12. It's in TA dress regs but I'll quote it for you anyway.................

    'The webbing should consist of a belt, yoke and 6 respirator pouches. Equipment to be carried in the pouches is mars bars, coca cola and pies'
  13. I think it's a fair ******* question in our current climate.
    RR...Spent much time on Herrick lately?
  14. 5A on form.
  15. Banter Mr Bravo, just banter.