Webbing Kama Sutra

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Capt Cheeky, Mar 12, 2004.

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  1. Just for you big guy! :twisted:

    Scoff scoff.
  2. what are they tho cheekster?
  3. Personally, I'm not sure, but there must be some old hands who've attempted one or two things while extremely bored doing something they'd rather not. :lol:
  4. i've heard of a couple of folk who "made love" in a wood on a training area in the East. I think they took their webbing off.
  5. Are we assuming basic issued webbing i.e. 2 ammo pouches and 2 utility like pouches. Wouldn't the added bulk of respirator pouch and mask potentially cause problems?

    This reminds me of one OTC couple. The male was army-barmy infantry and his girlfriend showed up in his bedroom wearing webbing and beret and not much else. He had an immediate sad-on about disrepecting the army and how dare she think of making love whilst wearing uniform :oops: :roll:
  6. sounds like someone I know. To be fair to the lad, a woman wearing webbing and nothing else is unlikely to be overly stimulating, webbing isn't ah that erotic is it?
  7. I completely agree, mmm the smell of cow/sheep dung combined with the aroma of slightly damp cordura; what a turn on - not!

    His major issue though was the use of his beret as a sexual turn on. Still for me the major issue would have been her as she wasn't exactly a super model - super tanker might be a better description. :D
  8. was he fiercely proud of his beret? possibly worried about splash/spill age. Or just too green?
  9. Both
    He was later cat c'd at RCB for being too squaddy like and told to leave OTC and doing something non-army related for a while.
  10. just desserts I feel.
  11. Yes although I hear he is going for the marines now
  12. feckin' cabbage heads! That should suit him down to a 'T', those Matelot types are quite into any sexual perversions involving nakedness, 'one for the team' and the like, I suppose sex whilst wearing webbing would be a tad tame in their repetoire! (The above statement is based on stereotyping all cabbage heads from the model of my old mate... Bootie)

    Oh, slightly off topic but anyone a law student here ? Need some legal advice!
  13. does sound like he's got the attitude to be a bootie. Bet he's a feckin arrogant sob.
  14. Cheeks,
    I can help you out with your legal situation, as I know several Law Students, and a Lawyer (not mine!!!).
    PM me, or better yet, catch me on MSN, seeing as I've cheekily (get it?) added you as a contact.
  15. :cry:

    This smiley is crying tears of snow flakes.

    That is why they melt away so quickly.