Webbing Kama Sutra

Personally, I'm not sure, but there must be some old hands who've attempted one or two things while extremely bored doing something they'd rather not. :lol:
Are we assuming basic issued webbing i.e. 2 ammo pouches and 2 utility like pouches. Wouldn't the added bulk of respirator pouch and mask potentially cause problems?

This reminds me of one OTC couple. The male was army-barmy infantry and his girlfriend showed up in his bedroom wearing webbing and beret and not much else. He had an immediate sad-on about disrepecting the army and how dare she think of making love whilst wearing uniform :oops: :roll:
sounds like someone I know. To be fair to the lad, a woman wearing webbing and nothing else is unlikely to be overly stimulating, webbing isn't ah that erotic is it?
I completely agree, mmm the smell of cow/sheep dung combined with the aroma of slightly damp cordura; what a turn on - not!

His major issue though was the use of his beret as a sexual turn on. Still for me the major issue would have been her as she wasn't exactly a super model - super tanker might be a better description. :D
feckin' cabbage heads! That should suit him down to a 'T', those Matelot types are quite into any sexual perversions involving nakedness, 'one for the team' and the like, I suppose sex whilst wearing webbing would be a tad tame in their repetoire! (The above statement is based on stereotyping all cabbage heads from the model of my old mate... Bootie)

Oh, slightly off topic but anyone a law student here ? Need some legal advice!
I can help you out with your legal situation, as I know several Law Students, and a Lawyer (not mine!!!).
PM me, or better yet, catch me on MSN, seeing as I've cheekily (get it?) added you as a contact.
Bert, I will whack you so hard unless you stop that! :evil:
Not that this is a particularly serious thread anyway, but could you refrain from posting random, irrelevant drivel? Thanks awfully old boy.

Anyway, back on topic. It's probably not the same guy, but I knew someone who was a bit too Army-Barmy, and liked nothing more than his girlfriend dressing up in combats, etc. I think it was the boots that did it for him! :lol:
Ooh... Not sure... I wouldn't think that anything other than issue kit would get him going! :lol:

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