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Webbing Inserts ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fm230287, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Morning Everyone !, Just a quick question; does anyoneknow of the flexiable plastic inserts that go in you webbing pouches to tidy them up? They do exist, i just dont know where to get a hold of them.

    Cheers, Gaz
  2. Get some plastic and make your own.. :roll:

    And why would you want to make your webbing all nice and squared off?

    Are you on show Parades?
  3. There is a better idea than plastic inserts to make your pouches look full and 'squared off'. It's called a CEFO packing list.
  4. Strikes me that plastic inserts increase weight and bulk, reduce space in the pouches and make them look all tidy and nice.

  5. At ITC all the section commanders as well as officer had them. But that was in the Guards, i guess all the chippys wouldnt know how to look smart.
  6. Foolish comments from a nig. You'll not look very smart when some 'chippy' NCO marches you up and down until your eyes bleed and your seams fall apart - now double away retard.
  7. "At ITC all the section commanders as well as officer had them. "

    Ah bless. Get a f#cking life and be an individual F#cking wannabe!!
  8. Better to ask here than on the course where people know who you are.

    Wait a minute fm230287, your initials aren't F and M and you weren't born on the 23rd Feb 1987 were you?

  9. Last person I saw "tidying up webbing" wanted to hide the fact that they had fuckall in them

    There's smart and there's bullshit. Well assembled and packed looks smart, packing it out wiffs a little...
  10. Probably the plastic out of various ammo tins.

    As said by others, packing your webbing properly negates the need for inserts.
  11. Tupperware?
  12. Sounds like the packers fron Gimpy link, used to seperate stuff in pouches maybe?, though'knows why.
  13. Only ever heard of it being done for locker inspections using bits from ammo boxes .Madness best left to recruits .
  14. I use inserts. 8O

    Mind you I only use them so that my Ginsters don't get squashed. :D
  15. I use inserts. 8O

    Mind you. I only use them so that my Ginsters don't get squashed. :D