Webbing for tank Crewman


Get what ever you want, just hang it on the turret like they used to to give me something to shoot at please...... I miss them days.


I’m going to try a hip pad and bungee, and try get the belt replaced but if I can’t ill try to stitch it or something, thank you for all the advice
@TPR-K, if the belt keeps coming loose, then the buckle is either broken or not fitted correctly. That is the place to start once you have the correct length of belt.
If it’s coming loose it’s the wrong size. It should be a snug fit, but not tight. Your back and shoulders are for carrying weight, not your belt.
Ask your mates in the unit. Good luck.
Got to disagree with this, good webbing should spread the load, some on your shoulders some direct onto your hips. The human back is actually pretty poor at carrying weight.


The OP really needs to post up pics of his webbing.
Unless his webbing is broken it will be the same as everyone else’s, and quite literally many many thousands have used it without belts coming loose.


Find an approachable cpl who has webbing that fits and looks like it is comfortable. Ask for help.

I'd also suggest using bungies or straps if needed to adjust the natural hand of the webbing.

The ONLY, yes ONLY piece of webbing I would advise a sprog to buy is a hip pad. Mostly as when I was a sprog and had a 26 inch waist, I couldn't get the pouches onto a belt that fitted properly (too many pouches and not enough waist). Adding the pad boosted my waist just enough and made them fit much better.

I am getting myself some extra pouches, mostly as I have only support arms scaling of issue and am now in a training unit (using the infantry model) as an instructor, and 1 ammo pouch pair doesn't cut it!
Hip pads are available through the system as well, all/most DPM PLCE is available in MTP & through the system, not seen issue bayonet frog yet though.

if his RQ is saying it’s difficult to get as AR are a low priority he’s fibbing, I’m in a CTT and we got it as a response to the new OCs whim without a drama and we’re Home Commitment


I have dug my old webbing out of the shed. The belt length is held in place by metal hooks. Does your belt have them?
I’ll take pictures when I’m home but it’s the opposite side to that that is coming loose, and I was also told that the weight should be 50/50 on hips and shoulders


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I’ll take pictures when I’m home but it’s the opposite side to that that is coming loose, and I was also told that the weight should be 50/50 on hips and shoulders
A photo speaks a thousand words.
If it is the right hand side of the belt that is becoming loose it sounds like it might be male half of the buckle that is defective.
Can you take the buckle off get a photo of where the belt loops through?

If you a dead set on personalising your webbing a hip pad (as mentioned above) and a rollpin belt might be an option. They would be a dam sight cheaper than a whole new set of webbing but still give you that ally look ;0)


Frankly if you are armd you will need webbing as you are unlikely to see a Tank unless you go to Bovvy and tour the museum!
Again it will be hung off the side of whatever vehicle the reserves are pretending will do until a war breaks out!


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From a narrow perspective here. If you are using a roll pin belt ditch it and go for issue. If an issue belt sounds like the male buckle is worn, ask for a replacement buckle ( They do exist) or a less worn belt. Are you putting the T bars on the pouches in their sockets on the belt?
ETA. Is the male buckle fitted the wrong way? I've seen it done and it works lose easily if so.
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It won’t let me upload photos because the files to large apparently, anyone know how to make it a smaller file?

The T bars are all in, it is the male buckle that’s the problem it just seems that if there’s no tension that the belt just slides straight though it(if that makes sense?) I don’t see how the buckle could be worn as it’s only a few months old


No it doesn’t, that’s how you adjust the belt as you go along, however there should be a webbing loop ‘keeper’ that should be right up against both male and female parts of the buckle to prevent slipping, like on the issue green belt that holds your trousers up
This is what keeps coming loose
The buckle is assembled incorrectly. That label is on the inside of the belt, so should not be seen. This is the buckle on my Bergen:


It does not come loose. Looking at the front of the buckle, the belt should come through the slot in the centre of the buckle from the rear and back into the other slot. The free end is then on the outside of the belt, allowing you to adjust the tension. When the buckle and belt are in line, pull the buckle and belt in opposite directions. If it slips the buckle is the wrong way round. Unthread the belt, turn the buckle over and try again.

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As per above, you have the loose end of the belt going the wrong way
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