Webbing for sale!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ports3, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Needed to put this up, found this on eBay! WTF! Is it a new issue bra? Check it out 150812654725

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  2. I'm kind of guessing he never wore that in Any kind of service eh?

    What a fucking disaster and where is the poncho carrier?
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  3. Chest rig at its best.
  4. It's the new Molle vest!
  5. C.e.f.s.b.o
  6. What a fucking tool.
  7. Maybe he thought it was 37 Pattern!
  8. o m g ! are we flogging slim fast as well ?
  9. No water bottle carrier either.

  10. what the fuck is that under her nails?......
  11. All Chefs wear it like that, that ain't me either, I don't have dirty fingernails. As for the '58' patt, not a clue.
  12. Why has she got them on inside out?
  13. Apparently the item that is for sale is unworn? Personaly I want the one in the pictures.
  14. I know what you meant, really.
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  15. Something about the scar and the dirty fingernails seems awfully familiar.

    I need to go and check my shed.