Webbing for sale!



I'm kind of guessing he never wore that in Any kind of service eh?

What a fucking disaster and where is the poncho carrier?
o m g ! are we flogging slim fast as well ?
Twat... I looked at the listing, two clicks of morbid curiosity later theres this camel toe'd dirty fingered thing selling underwear... you really do get it all on e-bay...back to therapy for me....

what the fuck is that under her nails?......
All Chefs wear it like that, that ain't me either, I don't have dirty fingernails. As for the '58' patt, not a clue.


Something about the scar and the dirty fingernails seems awfully familiar.

I need to go and check my shed.
I 'occasionally' like a rough but fit bird. and the camel toe looks inviting,

whats this thread about again? ;-)

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