Webbing for a cadet


The main reason for the introduction of the vest was really because they needed to supply something for cadets to wear when using the L98, and the vest is easier for idiots to adjust than webbing. I'll give it that!

The problem with webbing isn't that it distibutes weight worse than a vest, it is that many people don't bother adjusting it to the individual and it just hangs off them. The same thing actually happens with the vests, it just isn't as obvious to the observer.

My understanding is that vests are used as they better distribute weight on a cadets body and also discourages the mentality of "more pouches to carry more kit" which means people carrying pointless rubbish.

Except they now have two huge internal pockets to shove everything in. You can actually fit more in the cadet vest than in a set of webbing.
Although I appreciate that there are endless posts about webbing on this site I'm after some specific advice in respect of webbing for cadets. My lads really getting into his cadets and it is suggested that he could do with some webbing for camp. Don't want to do that but am thinking that I will get him some for Christmas. I'm a 58 pattern man so I could do with some help. I've seen mention of an assault vest as a reasonable choice. Don't want to spend a shed load as I don't suspect he'll use it that much. Similarly don't think he'll need everything i.e. not a gas mask bag, entrenching tool cover etc.

Grateful for any advice.
I should assume that his unit (if it has a quartermaster) should issue it to your son. Which will save you money.


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