Webbing for a cadet

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Watcher, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Although I appreciate that there are endless posts about webbing on this site I'm after some specific advice in respect of webbing for cadets. My lads really getting into his cadets and it is suggested that he could do with some webbing for camp. Don't want to do that but am thinking that I will get him some for Christmas. I'm a 58 pattern man so I could do with some help. I've seen mention of an assault vest as a reasonable choice. Don't want to spend a shed load as I don't suspect he'll use it that much. Similarly don't think he'll need everything i.e. not a gas mask bag, entrenching tool cover etc.

    Grateful for any advice.
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Ok being kind for a moment - best to check what exactly the preferred style of webbing is expected for the little mongs to pitch up with - having done that you can easily get something for under £50 that will last for a lot of weekends of agressive camping.

    Am sure something along the lines of belt order plus yoke and daysack is the expected.
  4. eBay is your friend. Should be able to pick up a complete set of PLCE for around £20. Anything else is a waste really.

  5. Don't go spending a fortune on PLCE, save some dosh for when he wants a bergan, a sleeping bag, a bivvy bag, a basha, a jet boil.....
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  6. I wouldn't buy webbing, there's word of the new cadet training vest made by webtex being made the only equipment cadets can use, along side the 2 rocket pouches clipped to the back, although a patrol pack may be allowed

    Check with your detachment whether webbing is allowed, as in my company we aren't allowed even our own vest never mind webbing
  7. Utter Bollocks

    Let me get this straight. Some chap is Webtex has made an underhand deal with some chief in the cadet world to say that cadets must only buy his webbing. Smells rotten to me! Cadet Direct/Cadet kit shop have tried to do the same but failed.
  8. Sounds more like adults in that det, coy or Bn/County making things up.

    Webbing is issued for use by Cadets. Thus they can wear it. Obviously the adults need to take in to account the Cadet. Do they need webbing, what do they need and is it light enough.

    Most of the time people are not happy issuing the stuff because it is so complex (for the adults). Some dets try to make the sets up and leave them as such, others issue in bits for assembly.

    Vests are one item, but on the other hand bring their own nightmares. For starters, in hot weather you've just sealed the kid in a wasitcoat of kit that seals in the heat. Bringing with it some problems.

    Rocket pouches are not the best thing for young backs either IMHO.

    So, here is my suggestion.

    For the miniture cadet
    1. Belt
    2. Yoke
    3. Ammo pouch
    4. Uty pouch

    and a good day sac (ie a civvy one in OG).

    As the said Cadet grows/becomes more experienced extra pouches can be added.

    I also work to the old adage that the Cadet shouldn't carry more than 1/3 of their body weight.
  9. Just want to put in my thoughts. I went on an AFC camp last year, I'm an officer cadet and was helping out, and when going out in the field all the cadets there got issued assault vests. So I'd make sure to check that that's not the case with your kids detachment.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Of course if everyone is bored at work we could come up with suggestions to ensure that he is kitted as the most ally cadet ever to the extent the instructor sidles up and asks for the details of where he got his kit so he could get some too.

    Might be expensive though...
  11. Cadet dets are only scaled for webbing. So either the County purchased a job lot (possible) or a kindly QM/devious storeman has sorted them out with some buckshees (not likely in mahoosive numbers) or a combination of both.

    As I mentioned above, vests don't half seal the heat in so come with a few problems. Webbing can be tailored to the cadet. Vests less so.

    I joined up with '58, and a bird in my troop couldn't physically wear more than ammo pouches and kidney pouches, they were buckle to buckle and she couldn't get the haversac and water bottle pouch on at all. She was 16 at the time, so not too old to compare with cadets.
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  12. You sick ****! Oh, not that sort of webbing?
  13. Fair enough, I guess that what I saw isn't common practice then so I'll bow to your knowledge! I'll be able to find out again soon anyway, going back on an ACF camp with the same County this year, will see what they use.