Webbing fitting advice (small question)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bernster, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. I have recently purchased a set of current issue webbing and bergen for my sons annual cadet camp(his first) he is 13. With a little effort, patience and jogs around the back garden It is now fitted. I have added a hippo pad just to make it all sit better. It is 100% better than the 58 pattern I used back in the day. It fits him well, he has used it for a weekend pre camp and was very happy with it. The one minor issue I have is that the Bergen although described as a short back rests on top of the webbing pouches. Is this a common issue, is it meant too or is it likley he is a bit of a short arse at the mo? Any advice from current serving on this issue? He is about 5'4" so fairly tall for age and certainly as tall as mum so advice from current serving females on this would also be of use.
  2. Do you mean the base of the bergan is sitting on top of the pouch lids? if that's the case then it's ideal as the weight of the bergan is now distributed to the hips via the belt order.
  3. Thanks for that, yes it does just sit on top of pouches and it seem comfortable enough for him, just wanting to make sure it was normal. I cannot believe the quality of it compared to my old 58 ptn even though it's had a few owners.
  4. The bergen is supposed to sit on top of the pouches. That way, as said, the webbing distributed the weight onto his hips as well as his shoulders.

    Set the bergen up (straps etc) while he wears it, then take it off, the webbing off, and the bergen back on, and he will notice how uncomfortable it has become since webbing has come off. This is the effect the webbing is having. It's all good.
  5. Thanks again, it was me with the query not him. He is happy with it and now so am I.
  6. Nice one. A properly fitted bergen is a necessity for comfort, particularly for a cadet as they have this disgusting habit of growing up and having bones and joints etc that are still developing, :cool:

    Best of luck to your lad on his camp, he will enjoy it and wonder why he has to come home by the time it ends, :cool:

  7. Thanks again, he will enjoy camp as I did in nineteen hundred and frozen to death, at the moment he is as they say shitting himself
  8. And support from Dad will mean a lot. I remember my Dad helping me assemble my webbing before camp ... except it was 37 pattern back then. He hadn't touched webbing since 1945, and this was 1975, but he hadn't forgotten a trick.
  9. It is a really good system. Im guessing youve had a play around with the day sacks and yoke etc? Top stuff.