Webbing etc issue.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by millionwords, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. I know its been mentioned on here before, but I can't find it, a link would be appreciated;

    Do any of you get issued your webbing and bergen on the Friday night of a weekend, to pack it before leaving the TAC, only to have to hand it in again at the end?

    HOW does this work?
  2. To answer your questions in order:

    Yes, and

    quite easily if you're organised.

    This suits me fine because I'd rather have the hassle of re-packing it than have to find somewhere to store the stuff when I'm not using it. The storemen like this becasue it's a lot easier to account for it by looking on the shelves and then checking against the issue book.
  3. Ours stays in the stores when not in use, I've been in regular units where it has to stay in stores, why would TA be any different. It has to be accounted for and has to be checked ( apparently ) the man from Q and M can't pitch up at your house and check it there can he.

    Obviously, yes you could sign it out everytime but from experience that doesn't always work.

    Anyone want to buy a helmet >? :soldier:
  4. Back in the day we took the stuff home. Great if you had a car, crap if you had a push or motor bike. When we first got PLCE it was even worse as the bergen had to go home too.

    However it was great if you were a fisherman :) Mine bergen used to be packet with Carp gear at the weekend..lol.

    Then along came the new gonk bag and you had to clear out an entire cupbord to fit the damn thing in, as for some reason, we did not get the compression sack!

    Eventually it was a case of signing out on a friday, back on a sunday..which was ok, except I "lost" several hop pads and gucci pouches thanks to light fingers in the stores :x
  5. We keep ours at home and I have just built an extension to accommodate it all :roll: :)

    edited once for mong typing.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The question is - why on earth would you want to keep it all at home unless you absolutely had to?

    Keeping it at the TAC works fine, and allows for full accountability, rather than the NRPS storeman chasing people to resign 1033s every three months, chasing non-attenders to return kit, write off or recovery actions etc.

    How much repacking does it take for 36 hours deployed? Fill water bottles, bomb up, break down ORP, small dry bag containing warm kit and change of shreddies into bergan/daysack and off you go. 10 minutes max.
  7. Why not get your own?
  8. Because its free from Q + M >?
  9. I've got all my kit at home in the spare bedroom, infact we don't even have anywhere to leave it at Chilwell. More often than not if we need it i'd be going directly to the training location and not via Chilwell anyhow.
  10. weird that i had all my kit reissued at chilwell last night complete with numbered box to leave it all in when not in use ;-)
  11. Mine is at home, all packed and ready for use, uniformed ironed, boots polished ... just need to fill water, add rations, roll up sleeping bag ...
  12. Your QM's dept will have seen a Landso on this and although it isn't the clearest of documents, it does say that webbing etc should be kept in stores unless required for training. I can't see many units will be able to argue their way out of this if they have a big write off bill for personal equipment not returned.

    However, this does encourage good personal admin and make you think about what you really need to pack and carry.
  13. We don't have drill nights in my unit.
  14. But discourages ensuring that you have a set of webbing that fits correctly, is worn in, and has all those little touches that turn a set of webbing from a serviceable bit of useful equipment to something as comfortable as worn in boots. Which can make all the difference if you are on a 10-miler with a set full of live ammo and 48hrs rats...

    I suppose that this might make sense for Rcts but for professional soldiers ? FFS...thank Christ I have spent my career in units where the soldiers were grown up enough that we can trust them to look after a bunch of nylon straps.

    I'd love to see someone impose this sort of procedure on the DS at some of the places I've worked LOL !
  15. Disagree with this - when we took our stuff home (we now store it at TAC) I didn't go around wearing it shopping or anything to make sure it fit properly. I took it on the weekends and it fits fine, has ample 'little touches' on it that add to its usefulness and doesn't take long to sort when I collect on a Friday evening.