webbing - essential kit

ammo.............usually handy to have
Mars Bars, Cocoa Cola, KY Jelly( for my field bitch ), Fabloned Porn, **** Sock, Mobile Phone, PSP, Cuddly toy.

Did I forget Anything. :frustrated:
With my Webbing I carry my Medical kit(boot laces +black bin bag), knife (or funky tool), food, water-proofed socks, and the rest of the normal stuff that we all have to carry I guess.. sorry for my lacks I'm still in TA-RT cycle well really I'm off to RT2 this coming weekend :)

*So this should really be the first test of all my extra kit in the webbing, I will update to see if I take anything else :)
Bullets and water are all you need to slaughter

In all seriousness - all you need to survive and fight for 24 hours - food, water, and ammunition - everything else can go in the bergan. After all, wehn you are running into an assault, you don't want that spare pickaxe....
Why carry food. I'm sure there's plenty in the enemy position. And if you don't make it to the enemy position then...well, you won't need it will you?
backblast said:
1x pair of socks waterproofed,"of course"...
And Talc, mmm nothing like changing your socks and talcing your feet after a long tab :lol:
first aid kit plasters paracetmol etc .Dosent take up much room or weigh a lot ,but having spent the weekend ill as a insect bite got infected and needed strong antibiotics to sort it out .Minor things can really f u up .
Apart from that water mug spoon cleaning kit ammo .We get enough heavy stuff to carry anyway why weigh yourself down .
adampoo said:
what essential kit do you have in your webbing or recommend is a must have?

cheers fockers
If you are talking of belt kit only, then mags (ammo type),water bottle, kfs, Inside Mess tin (Med kit (plasters,nurofen,tcp), Dressing, socks, skiddies), Rat pack.

If carrying a Jet pack include poncho, LW blanket (leave doss bag in bergen) spare C95 and OD Vest.

This is ok for ex mode, obviously Ops are different and adjust your load to suit terrain, role.

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