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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by HighPressureHose, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. There are oodles of packing lists floating about for kit to carry in webbing, above the obvious (rounds, water, rations etc.) what i'd like is some suggestions (serious, please) from subject matter experts.
  2. I Carry all this in my beltkit, theres more but i can't think of it right now.
    Spare Compass
    Fishing Reel with 30m of paracord
    6x 6' Nails
    Emergence Rations
    Metal Mug
    Small Medkit
    Weapon Cleaning Kit
    2x Waterbottles
    Mosi Headnet

    Bassically all the stuff you'd need to survive if you had to bin your bergan!
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  4. Ammo, water, first aid kit, comms kit, NOTHING ELSE. This lot'll keep you alive much longer than an oatmeal block and 30m of paracord.
  5. on exercise: Lots of crap in webbing and daysack.

    on operations: what you really need to get the job done!
  6. Brandt, what is the piece of kit on the end of your SA80, like a small sight? Also, what is that to the right of your bayonet sheath? Cheers.
  7. looks like a maglight/torch thing on the sa80

    right of the sheath.. i think its 1 of those infra red things that clip on ya helmet :?
  8. Do you get issued DPM Camelbak's too?
  9. The thing on the rifle is a "laser light". It has a red-dot sight and a maglight style torch in one. These operate in both the visable spectrum and the IR spectrum.

    The 'thing' to the right of the bayonet is a monocular which allows you to see the above lights, when they're in IR mode.
  10. Yes- and the other desciptions of the monocle and LLM (laser light marker) were right.

    The latter is a great bit of kit- the dot itself is really effective. If civvies go somewhere they shouldn't, a red dot on their chest sort of reinforces your message that they should go away.
  11. Don't want to sound pedantic, but the one I was issued is a 'Source hydration' pack.

    If you've ever tried to fill one up from a river, you'll realise why you also need to retain at least one water-bottle as well. It's like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube :lol:
  12. Is that your spare grundies and a w*** sock to the right of your weapon cleaning kit? If so they need a wash, or at least turning inside out.

    Is the tube thing below your gloves a giving set?

    Did your mobile phone work or was it just for snake and tetris etc? If it did, which network worked best? I've heard lads who have been bumped and expect the worse have phoned home to say goodbye, think I'd rather leave mine behind.
  13. LOL! It's a weapon cleaning rag and the bag for the 1st aid kit! No time for w@nking! The thing below the gloves isn't a tube, it is a load of small bits of coat hangar with mine tape attached. The idea is that if you find yourself in a minefield, you prod your way out with the trusty bayonet and mark the clear area with the wire. The roll next to it is orange mine tape. The phone was a local one- they issued them for patrols. I don't know what the network was, but I do know that Vodaphone didn't work. I think some guys got a local sim card and put them in their phones.

  14. I don't believe you took a photo of your kit. Nice carpet by the way.
  15. edited for mongness