webbing belt

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by kilo93, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. hi can anyone tell me if you can wear a webbing belt on the outside of combat jacket if you arent in posession of a normal one?
  2. Depends on your capbadge. Some don't allow any belts on jackets.
  3. I'm RAF if that helps
  4. Yes mate:
  5. hi can anyone tell me if you can drink carbonated drinks with caffeine in them if you cant get a normal one?
  6. I'm a Mormon if that helps
  7. not before bed time
  8. Not so much helps, more explains!
  9. Can I use my daysack at night?
  10. I've got size 8 feet if that helps.
  11. Why do fat people wear tracksuits?
  12. I haven't got a tracksuit!
  13. ...pants and vest, then!
  14. Think it's no belts with any jacket then.
  15. Since you will no doubt be proudly wearing your 'corporate' RAF daysack with the lovely logo noboby will care whether you are with or without belt.

    PS Do they actually have webbing in the RAF?