Webbing banned on H&S grounds?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pacestick, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. is there any truth to this. Trying to find out for a friend who's son has recently spent out on some webbing, to be told they are not allowed to wear it and have to have chest rigs :?

    If it helps it's a Surrey det.

    i'm surprised that there is enough issue Chest rigs for the kids, i remember having to scrounge enough 58 for my own webbing.

    cheers all
  2. Wearing chest rig...then hit the deck = Broken ribs.

  3. nah that's bull, the majority of the cadet forces use webbing.

    there has recently been an introduction of a chest-rig / Assault Vest for the cadet forces (it's an AV but often referred to as a CR), on the grounds that for cadet-size-people it is better for the back and more suitable for distributing weight (as well as a number of other design factors). His det commander has probably misunderstood this and turned this into 'all cadets must now use the issue one because everything else is unsafe for cadet-size-people'

    There are a lot of chest rigs in the ACF system - they are cheaper than PLCE webbing and more suitable for L98 (SA80) mags than 58 as well as lighter and better in the rain - weight and water both upsets teenagers.

    Im sure his DC doesn't mean 'it has to be a chest rig', they probably just mean 'it has to be THE chest rig' . But, either way, neither is correct. Unfortunately, there isn't much the cadet in question can do - as long as the DC feels that way, the cadet will not be able to use their webbing!
  4. I thought it was the chest rigs/assault vests that were banned. It's the case in my coy. now, although they now let trg. 3*s and above use them now.
  6. that would be a little hypocritical, on the grounds that the cadet forces had an assault vest developed for them!
  7. A friend of mine with the Black Watch ACF up in Scotland told me his county were looking to source an alternative to PLCE as it cannot be adjusted small enough for a lot of the younger cadets!

    He did mention the god awful Viper vests!!! :oops:
  8. Find some old 37 pattern webbing, that must've designed to fit lilliputians!
  9. spending a week running around in ill-fitting webbing that falls off periodically is all part of being a young cadets and an essential character building exercise.
  10. I have never heard of webbing being banned. It is true that some cadets are really miniature but I find a cadet has to be very small for me to not be able to adjust it properly for him/her. It certainly is NOT a national policy. Best of checking with the instructors at the detachment. If answer isn't that webbing is fine then check with the CSM. Every walk of life is full of people who talk out of their arse. The ACF is no exception.
  11. Put webbing on cadet. Throw cadet in loch. Wait till webbing shrinks or cadet swells. Job done?
  12. this is where 58 patt comes in handy.

    half of cadets are all fat bar stewards nowadays anyway.

    but as Talon has said, there's a lot of room in yoke straps to 'condense' webbing, and adding a roll pin belt means the belt will go as small as you like.

    the reason most people think PLCE doesn't fit cadets is because they pull it off the shelf of stores still in it's 'last worn by fat AI' state and throw it at some poor eager 12 year old in the doorway, and decide it won't fit - rather than taking some pouches off, scaling it down and trying again.

    you don't even have to do it yourself. issuing 10 sets of webbing and getting the cadets to assemble it and adjust it makes for an APC lesson, so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. If you teach this APC lesson to all cadets, you should be able to issue any set to any cadet at any time and return half an hour later to see a half decent fitting set of webbing.

    People just don't seem to think this positively or constructively, and instead simply impose bans and regulations to make life easier.
  13. Evans is a mong, Evans is a mong, tra la la, Evans is a mong.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Easy answer: "Show me the risk assessment". Stops most H&S 'gurus' in their tracks.

    Just like 'Can't tell you, Data Protection Act'
    'Which section'
    'Er, <gulp>'
    'F**k off and stop bullsh*tting me'

  15. fcuk me, the intellect of AIs is truly astonishing, no wonder the youth of today is so challenged to sit a job interview nevermind meet the challenge of a CV or good help them read a book.