Webbing ammo pouch velcro/press stud fastenings

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nelson, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to get hold of some ammo pouches for my webbing which have the velcro and press stud fastenings, have googled to no avail and for some reason the Arrse search facility doesn't want to work for me.

    Dragon supplies do something similar on their "airborne webbing", don't need to get the whole kit though just the ammo pouches, but they don't seem to do them separately.

    Anyone got any idea where I can purchase these on tinternet?

    Cheers, Nelson.
  2. Try troopers also in Colly....

    Just had my issue ones converted....

    Very good job.
  3. i think theyt make the molle pouches in loads of configs probably something suitable.

    i think they only make green and desert tan
  4. They charged me £30 to do both ammo but also add an ffd pouch to one and also replace all fastners on my belt kit with quick release.
  5. Just buy the airborne webbing you get a whole set with built in hippo pad and good pouches may aswell anyway,or you could try and make them yourself.
  6. ...except buy it from Troopers - I've heard bad things about Dragon's quality control.
  7. Does troopers have a website?
  8. I'm thinking about getting a set of webbing from troopers. I've got the standard belt order in mind:

    5 utilities, 1 double ammo, 1 multi tool pouch and 1 ffd pouch all sewn directly to a hip pad, and a roll pin belt fixed on. Not bad since it's only going to be ~£85, which is £15 cheaper than dragon's version, and the quality will be much better...

    So yeah, if your gonna get any "airborne" style webbing, get the one off troopers, its cheaper AND better than dragon's
  9. Whats troopers web site?
  10. I bought a set of similar ammo pouches from HM Supplies in Tidworth this week. Just fitted them and they seem fine. Although, they only have velcro closure and no press stud, the velcro is a hefty size so there shouldn't be too many dramas. Cost £13.
  11. They don't have one so far - someone needs to punt them until they do get one. See this thread here for lots of lovely pics of troopers kit:

    Phone number 01206511268
  12. That set up from Troopers looks good, might just get that instead of buying all the extra gucci bits and bobs and adding it on to mine. I think that cost wise there won't be much in it.

    Cheers for all the replies/advice.
  13. I will look into Troopers or JayJays shame they dont both have a site.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Bell them.
  15. Dont have any numbers mate i will ask my brother i think he got a 'manbag' made by jayjays when he was in afghanistan.