Web tributes to Wakefield dog killed by baby

Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Reuters Newsire:

    Friends of 1yr old Rottweiler called Satan have posted tributes to him on social networking site BEBO after he was killed by a two & a half year old baby in Wakefield. The baby boy Hugo was later destroyed with a Kango Hammer Tool by Police Community Support Officers as the local armed response unit was defending a Pakistani Flag over at Bradford Town Hall.

    Hugo's 17yr old mother Katie also paid tributes to her son. "He was an ordinary little boy. I had left him wiv me cousin whilst me and my biatches had popped into town to by scrunchies, chewing gum & large hoopy earings from Elizabeth Duke".

    Apparantly Hugo & Satan had previously got on well and often slept together & shared dog biscuits if the Giro was late. It is believed that the dispute was over a squeezy toy shaped like a bone.

    Satan's father Whiskey said that he was comforted by messages of sympathy posted on Bebo from their friends and family. It is expected to be a large funeral with guests such as Lassie, Shep, K9 & 101 Dalmations. Cremation will take place at Dewsbury RSPCA followed by Tea & Bones.

    RIP Satan
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  2. You're a bad man, 58.
  3. Well, hopefully "Katie" will face charges - there's no such thing as a bad baby - just bad owners.

    RIP Pooch :(
  4. Thought that was in tipical squaddie "Black Humour', good drills LOL.
  5. Some people just have babies as status symbols - but they can't handle them and shouldn't be allowed them really.

    Is this a RIP thread?
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  6. RIP Satan

    Condolences to his blah, blah, blah.....
  7. RIP Santa
    Well done thou good and faithful servant. :crying:
  8. Good drills

    RIP Satan
  9. Satan,

    RIP fella.
  10. Tribute photo

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  11. RIP
    Stand down Satan Job done
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  12. "I don't undestand it, Hugo has never been killed by a dog before".
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  13. Eye witness mother of 5 Bethney-chardonay Smiff (17) told reporters

    "It were orrible, Ugo was playing wiv Satan like normal like, Yuh naw, pulling his tail and poking im in the eye and the like, when Satan sort of growled like. Well Ugo went berserk and jumped on Satan and ripped is froat out wiv is teef. It was so orrible I 'ad to go and ave a lay down which is why I wasn't there when the fuzz turned up.
    Can I get some compo from the council for the mental anguish like?"

    The question being asked around the country tonight is "Should toddlers be licencesed or just banned altogether?"
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  14. fukcing brilliant