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web tex products

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HMarmedforcesRM396, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Web tex is normally referred to as a company who make cheap rip offs of army issue kit. However I have a few web tex products ( the AMMO flask, boot cleaning kit, notepad case and the first aid kit) and I must say that they are perfectly fine. Has anyone encountered problems with web tex? Most of their products are quite good.
  2. As someone who used to run the largest PRI type facility my opinion, and it is only an opinion is....Web Tex is utterley shite when it comes to anything that involves load carriage. I have seen fabrics seperate under load and stitching sheer.......HOWEVER.....

    Their small products such as orders folders, mini first aid kits, commander's folios are really quite good and at their time were well ahead of anything the big boys made or the MoD issued.

    For this I respect them.
  3. There is a reason why Web-Tex is usually referred to as a company that produces crap kit..........
  4. Got some chef-tex bivvi poles that have done well so far.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I suppose the best way to look at it is cost and impact. Cost, web tex being generally tat knock offs are cheap, impact of this is possibly having to carry your kit all weekend in a bin liner because you bought tat.
    So if you are a Cadet or on ex in the UK the worst you should suffer is a wet night of misery and severe pisstaking, on ops the man at Q&M issues some very good gear and will replace it in the field should it break!
  6. I must admit I bought these when I didn't know any better and the ones I wanted were out of stock. At least if these break it's no biggy as i can 'lose' them and make do with a stick!
  7. I agree. I would never use WebTex bergans or webbing, but their range of (for want of a better term) nick-nacks are pretty good, IMHO.
  8. I have an irrational hatred of WebTex equipment. I have an even bigger irrational hatred of the fact that the Army are not plugging the gap that causes the demand for WebTex kit in the first place, with proper issued kit.

    Take WebTex pouches and day sacks. The amount of crow I have seen cutting about with these because they're cheap, and they can't get extra pouches and day sacks through the CQMS until they go on Ops.

    It's made worse by the fact the system issues Joe Crow that ******* shockingly crap black daysack, so young soldiers are forced to either wear that, spend a fortune on eBay for an issued daysack, or buy WebTex. Guess what they do when they're young and poor?

    I wish the G4 system would get a grip and issue a proper daysack and a full complement of pouches and ancillaries when soldiers leave Phase One, and then we would not see some of the horrific crimes as seen on the Facebook site "Daysack of the day" :)

    WebTex? I bloody hate it with a passion!
  9. A couple of guys I know got ISSUED webtex webbing, didn't last long, especially with a DS armed with a stanley knife!
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  10. Sounds like a dodgy storeman was making up his diffys somehow!

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  11. Ask your Q man to issue you an ETH so you can better dig this grave