Web-Tex PLCE 3/4 Bergen for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Gooney, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. I have a Olive Green Web-Tex PLCE 3/4 Bergen for sale thats the 90 litre version, no point preaching to the converted I am sure you are all familiar with them.

    The two side pockets are detachable and can be put together with the yoke (included) to create a 20 litre day sack.

    £70 including postage and paypal fees. Paypal prefered method of payment.
  2. shame webtex is a pile of poo and will fall apart as soon as you put it to any real use....
  3. I've been using web-tex for years and it's proven itself time and time again, if you aren't interested in the sale please don't waste my time. Thank you.
  4. Are you taking the p1ss??

    Yes we are all familiar with them - because they are sh1te. £70 - FFS man get a grip! suggest you have agood look at ebay for a start and see how much they are going for there!!!!! before trying to flog sh1te to those who know what they are buying.
  5. Webtex is OK, I have bought some of their products, but then again I am in a reasonably sedentry part of the military. Even through the mild use I have put mine to, both the rather infererior plastic buckles have snapped under pressure. To be honest, he is right - it is mostly inferior.
  6. lol what have you been using it for? Cadets? Airsoft? A pile of crap, made for even lower than the PLCE issued stuff. This site is not a fan of Webtex, do a search and see for yourself.

    Buy webtex - buy twice
  7. I tell you what, mods just delete the thread. Too many fu**ing TA's who think they know what they're on about
  8. I'll give you some 37p! And some half chewed bubble gum!
  9. I'm not T.A.! I wouldn't sell that webtex crap to recruits...Its crap. You offend me by even thinking that I might be interested in paying for that crap.
  10. Don't diss. I'm a cadet and I'm seriously interesting in this sh....quality product.
  11. woooooo handbags......nice bite.
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    this aint the return of that troll is it? you know that one about sandy? Webtex is too well known as a subject of derision...
  13. Don't get me wrong young fella. I think for cadets and the like where you need a cheap alternative and you are not gonna be using it all that often then fine. Otherwise stick to issued stuff or bought genuine items.

    Nice to see you have standards though Booty Cadet!
  14. I notice you haven't replied to my offer yet Gooney. So may I offer 44p, the bubble gum and some pocket fluff?
  15. It's pretty laughable how you think regular issue gear is any better than horse sh*t. This sack is RRP £90+ , and yeah it's not perfect but it does the job well and the bergen is bombproof. I'm not much of a fan of other web-tex stuff I'll agree there but I have been using the web-tex plce bergen, both the larger and the 3/4 version for years and would never go back to standard issue

    booty come back when you're bollocks have dropped mate and maybe we can come to an arrangement, in the meantime though go back to smearing your camo paint on and pretending to be soldier........
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