Web- Tex or Arktis???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crafty, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. Does anybody have any recomendation on either Web-Tex or Arktis, For an assult vest?
  2. Niether, they are both NOT IRR safe. Your better off getting the issue one.
  3. Used the arktis gunners vest last year for 6 months .good quality but exspensive .The new webtex vest is supposed to have improved in quality
    If you cant get hold of issuse one .Work out what you going to carry in it then decide which one you want wyvern and sass also do good vests
    as does blackhawk but you need to have won the lottery to afford one of those :lol:
    The arktis vest good points comfortable once adjusted it takes a bit of trial and error to get the adjustment just so .Back pocket will take
    camel bac complete so one less set of straps to worry about .large carry capacity.
    Bad points No easy way to carry bayonet unless you shove it in dump pocket .little pockets on side of utillity pockets held by pressstuds tend to pop open .The loops which hold on the removable chest pockets
    both frayed easily repaired with bit of para cord and thread but annoying
    the straps to hold grenades on the ends of the magazine poches can be annoying if empty good idea to fill with spare field dressing if no grenades carried .Unless your going to spend a longtime prone its good for patrolling and you can comfortably drive in it
  4. IRR. :roll: Does anyone really believe in that voodoo?
  5. the arktis is irr and so is the new webtex one what ever it means
    never seen any great diffrence looking through nightsights or even
    those thermal imaging binos whose name i forgot
  6. Look through the right sort of nightsight - it'll make a believer of you. The worst offender is goretex, hence the issue item is a liner to go under the combat jacket.
  7. Whats sights that then? Can we get video footage or some sort? Im not saying I dont beleive it but Id like to see it. :?

  8. i've used arktis webbing for the last 2 years and its great stuff and IRR safe,shame cant use it in OTC. More flexibility and space. Webtex, not impressed with it to be honest, seen a guys waterbottle pouch drop out the bottom once. It was marketed for cadets and as such you loose quality, Arktis is aimed at regs etc (mainly RM as they are based down that way)

    Stay away from Highlander and Forces...cheap shyte
  9. 307

    307 War Hero

    MIRA thermal imager isnt it that's the truly gucci infra red scope?
  10. I can't stand webtex stuff.
    Arktis is slightly more bearable.

    Stick with yer issue stuff mate, It's bombproof, IRR treated, and free to replace if you break it!

    PS. Crafty, do I know you? UKF?
  11. Special Air Sea Services

    Do a lot of options and is IRR.

    Had smocks and webbing from them - apart from the offered options they *have* supplied me with modifications not covered by published options. If items not in stock, they have rung me to offer alternatives at the same price. The downside is higher price, but this firm does give you what you pay for.

    As opposed to Arctis - "Your not a PRI or buying in bulk - F**k of then" (Strangely enough I supplied them with their woven label and I wouldn't have called them 'bulk purchasers') I did have one of their daysacks for a number of years without great complaint.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Raven stuff is not IRR, (or AIR for those longer in the tooth,) one of the blokes running the place says he's an ex-guardsman and that IRR doesn't matter......

    Webtex claims their new kit will be IRR, however certain firms rely on the fact that most people will take that as fact.

    Arktis kit used to be the mutt's, but has gone downhill a little - still miles ahead of the previous two though.

    SASS used to do their own stuff, but the manufacturing has been outsourced' as the lingo now has it. Despite this their prices are still at an altitude which demands oxygen.

    However, for those of you that want MOD approved Milspec kit, Manchester Cop reckons that he'll have the ARRSE Shop up and running next month.
    It'll have good kit at very reasonable prices, probably better kit at a cheaper rate than you'll get anywhere else.
    PM the senile git & he might get a jildee on.

    Edited to add this link to Webtex kit:
  13. Has the quality dropped though?
  14. Thanks to all for advise.

    :lol: :lol: