Web-tex MLCE Modular Load Carry Vest

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Seymour_Malachy, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone used or know anyone who has used, the Web-tex MLCE Modular Load Carry Vest? I want to get a vest as I do fair bit of driving but cannot find any that have the standard pouch closings, so I thought I might buy this and attach the issue pouches to it. My concerns are that web-tex have a mixed reputation at best and I'm not sure that the pouches would remain in place.
  2. Buy Webtex, buy twice.
  3. agreed , i heard Webtex is crap from many sources in the Army and ACF.
  4. But isnt Webtex an MOD supplier? Dont they source from various factories, hence varying degrees of quality?

    I have some small items of Webtex kit that seem quite good so far in use, but nothing as ambitious as an assault vest!

    See one first before you buy. Check the stitching and overall finish before opening your wallet.
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Wouldn't touch Webtex with a barge pole!

    A few of my lads wouldn't take the advice on offer and got one of these things - not-IRR, pouches falling off, pouch closures breaking etc etc. A quick claim on kit insurance ensued followed by fatherly words from Tp Sgts and a bitter lesson learnt.

    If you're going to buy kit, make sure that it's good quality kit that will last.
  6. Never touched Webtex always struck me as being cheap and nasty, I have noticed that in their latest ads their kit is described as being "fully treated DPM", probably as a reaction to all the slagging off here and elsewhere as to the IRR properties or lack of. However they dont seem to want to elaborate as to what exactly this "full treatment" is. Sounds like ad-speak to be honest.
  7. Ok for folders and other non loading bearing gizzits .Though I'd give there
    vests a miss .Seen one fall apart during a tour not subjected to much more than stag and a bit of driving .Think its aimed more at air soft cadet market
    avoid.If you want molle stuff its going to cost .
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Fuchs at his diplomatic best ! :)

    We all know ad-speak is a sales-gimmick departments way of saying 'spin' which in turn is politician-speak for 'lying like a cheap NAAFI wristwatch.'
    Which is what they're doing.

    Walt_of_the_walts, it's the first I've heard of them being an MoD supplier, if they are it's DEFINITELY not for any webbing or similar kit.
    In fact the parent company Thatchreed is a surplus wholesaler so is at the other end of the food chain.

    W*bt*x had an advert knocked back by an editor due to their kit being non-IRR, so they did the logical thing and contacted their manufacturer in deepest China.
    After explaining their anguish the factory knocked up a letter from Mr Dow Ngiva Phuq claiming their kit to be IRR.

    It's just a shame that when subjected to various IR lights these bergans, vests, webbing etc all light up like Blackpool Tower, so yes, it is 'ad-speak.'

    Add to this the shite quality of materials & you'll get a vest which is probably best suited to the needs of a suicide bomber.
  9. Priceless cuts pmsl

    The only web tex stuff ive ever used is the note book covers, and wash bags (thewash bags were shit). webtex has improved but a lot of the stuff even looks "shiny" just look at some of the early assualt vests and the copy of the windproof smock
  10. I agree I only have my A4 nirex folder cover the rest is a bit pants pie.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I reckoned the folder covers should be alright as they're hardly load bearing nor is IRR treatment necessary, but I've just compared some prices:

    Notebook covers:

    BritKitdirect = £ 3.95
    W*bt*x at John Bull = £ 6.95/£ 5.95
    W*bt*x at Genuine Army Surplus [sic] = £ 6.95
    W*bt*x at Militarykit= £ 6.95
    W*bt*x at Whipperley's = £ 6.94
    W*bt*x at World of Surplus = £ 6.99

    Now I'm not so sure that they are such a good buy !
  12. ^ britkit direct's well priced and everything seems to be MOD spec anyone bought any kit from there???
  13. Web Tex seem to come up with some good ideas, the build quality just seems pants on the stuff I've seen, along with having WEB-TEX sewn all over it.
  14. Agreed, I have a Webtex vest and daysack. The build quality is fine but the integrity of the clips and straps are absolutely rubbish. If you only use them for the odd tasking (like me) then they are fine. If you are an infanteer or anyone else who has cause to use one of these vests on a regular basis, or for something more than a CFT and the odd range package then pay the extra bit of money and get a decent one. You get what you pay for at the end of the day - but if I knew of the quality before I bought the product, then I would have chosen another manufacturer.
  15. Try thisEbay
    And no, i am not the seller.