Web-Tex Kit on issue?

Being a Web-Tex reseller I was very surprised to read this about the Pro-XT 2 boots on another sellers website

The Web-Tex Pro-XT 2 Boots are currently worn by British troops, this shows that they are very durable as soldiers put their boots under extreme strain while out in the field. They are fully waterproof with a breathable 'Beathatex' lining, they also have; a full grain upper, 3M Thinsulate insulation layer, shock absorbing outsole with PU interlayer & an oil/slip resistant 2cm high reinforced rubber strip for extra protection. Pro-XT 2 boots are the ultimate boots for a large range of outdoor activities where you need strong, durable boots.


Really? are they worn by us? because as a stab I have only seen Lowas and some Haixs amongst the brands, and Karrimor apparently are going to be issuing us some kit, has ANYONE seen a pair of Webtex or ANYTHING from Web-Tex on ISSUE

Please no comments about anything from them being shit or just for cadets I only sell it and as far as I'm concern it does the job but me being me I grabbed a 2nd hand pair of Haix goretex lined mountain boots for £30 :eye:


The shop at Otterburn sells loads of them to squaddies. So they are correct that some squaddies wear them. Mine started to fail after about a year of use.
The onyl webtex is on issue is compasses. Like all webtex kit they are shit and break very easily. No more are being brought but there are still some in the system.
They are rip offs of Lowas cant remember witch and look exactly the same apart from webbtex written on the side. I have a pair and fair play to them nothings broken there comftible as **** and dry and tosty tbh I love emm :D god that feels wrong to say that when talking about webtex
Actually all the rage at my detachment.. They call them lowas but I have to repeatedly explain lowa is a brand. I personally have some lowa patrols. Don't know of anything web-tex on issue?
IN use by, is very different to issued. My action man lunchbox does an excellent job of keeping my unboxed rations together but it isnt issued.

Drivers and people in Blue Berets probably wear them, but Ive never seen them worn.

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